Out of papers? Don’t have a bong? Don’t fret! Today, we’re bringing you 3 backup ways of getting high!


It sucks when you’ve got weed but no way of smoking it. Whether you forgot to buy rolling papers or accidentally broke your pipe, every stoner has been in this situation at least once. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, Chronic Haze offers a selection of top-notch rolling papers from trusted brands such as Raw and OCB.


But what should you do if you just can’t wait? You’ll be happy to know that there are a slew of sacred techniques for these type of situations, passed down from the stoners of olde. Today, Chronic Haze is bringing you three of these techniques, so that you’re well-prepared for an emergency situation.


Fruit Bong



A classic method, pioneered by high schoolers around the world. It’s relatively straightforward. Simply take a fruit with the integrity needed to smoke out of it and hollow out two holes: one on top for the bowl, and another on the side to toke from. An apple is your best bet here, but feel free to try something bigger like a watermelon (if you can hollow it out) or a pumpkin (which technically isn’t a fruit, but whatever).


The upside of this method is that it adds a nice fruity (or vegetable-ey) flavour to your hit. On top of that, it’s easily compostable when you’re done. On the other hand, fruits aren’t exactly the best at filtering the smoke. You’ll definitely be taking a gnarly hit with this method, so it really is best saved for emergencies.


Juice Box

This is one I learned from a friend. It also requires that you’ve already rolled a joint. Why use this method then, you might ask? Because this method allows you get the experience of a bubbler, even if you don’t own one. The best part is that you don’t even need a bowl piece and downstem for this method.


First, take a juice box, cut one of the corners off, and get the juice out. Next, fill about a third of water into the juice box. From here, insert a thinly-rolled joint into the straw that came with the juice box, and pop the straw into the juice box. Light that thing and take a toke. Basically, the straw works as the bowl piece and downstem. This innovative method is great for when you’re looking for a novel experience to accompany your sesh.





Another classic method that often slips under the radar, firecrackers are incredibly potent but always a great time. These edibles are easy to make and quick in their onset. All you need are crackers, a fat-soluble ingredient (like chocolate or peanut butter), and some flower.


Start by decarboxylating the flower in the oven at about 120°C for 10 minutes. Once that’s done take it out and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. While that’s happening, spread your fat-soluble ingredient on your crackers. Finish off by sprinkling your flower on your crackers, and you’re good to go. We got a longer version of the recipe right here if you’re interested.


Wanna Learn More?


Whether you’re going with the unconventional or the tried-and-true methods, come to Chronic Haze for your one-stop cannabis shop! We’ve got tons of amazing cannabis and related products, with same-day delivery and curbside pickup to get you your products fast and reliably.


If you’re looking to buy cannabis online, make an account with us and check out our selection today! Don’t forget to leave a product review for extra points!


Also, looking for other interesting methods for getting high? Check out this blog post for ways of discretely getting high indoors!

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