Do you consider yourself a productive cannabis user? Are you looking for ways to use cannabis to achieve your true potential? Today, we’re bringing you 3 ways to use cannabis for productivity!


It’s no secret that cannabis can have beneficial effects on your performance. But it’s easy to get carried away. Some users have the best intentions but end up doing too much, hindering their performance. Others might be afraid of messing up and either use too little or none at all. This is by no means bad, but it precludes them from experiencing the benefits of cannabis-boosted productivity. Remember, cannabis can be a tool for your betterment, but only if you use it as such.


So what exactly is the right way to use cannabis for productivity? Fortunately, we’ve got three tips to help you make the most of this magical herb.


Wait For the Right Time



First and foremost, you have to know when the cannabis will benefit you. There are far too many users who think cannabis just indiscriminately makes them smarter. These are the people who get too baked before work or some other important event, and actually end up being less productive.


The benefits of cannabis will come when you understand how it helps you. Do you use cannabis for creativity? See how long you can go without, then reach for it once you’re fully out of ideas. Use cannabis to stay calm? Studies say it works, but consider seeing how long you can go until you actually need the relief. In cases like these, you wait until the need arises instead of immediately reaching for the cannabis. Once you’ve dosed, observe your change in perspective and get a better understanding of how cannabis provided you assistance.


Dose Accordingly



Unless you dealing with some low-stakes activity, don’t roll the fattest blunt imaginable thinking it’s going to make you productive. Once you’ve got the method down for the first step, start using only as much cannabis as you need, and see how it benefits you. The widely recommended “start low, go slow” technique will serve you well here, even if you’re a veteran.


With this method, you don’t run the risk of getting too high to stay productive. You also won’t get burnt out too early, meaning you can re-dose if need be. It’s essentially microdosing, while giving yourself the opportunity to use your natural skillset beforehand. Save the big sesh for the end of the day, and try experimenting with this method.


Use the Right Product for You



This one varies by user. Depending on your preferences, you’ll find that certain products give you more control than others. If you’re a flower user, you might find it best to take a strain like Pineapple Express and roll little half-joints for yourself to hit when you need it. If you prefer concentrates, an occasional hit from a Sauce Cartridge can help you get some work done. If you’re more of an edibles type, some lower-dose BuudaBomb gummies might just give you that inspiration you’ve been looking for.


Overall, the aim is to find the product you feel most comfortable with. Then, when you have a need for productivity, you work at your task sober. Once you start feeling like you need a boost, you take a controlled dose of your preferred product. With this methodology, you can be sure to gain the benefits of cannabis-boosted productivity, without getting too hazy for your own good.


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