Are you interested in cooking with cannabis? If so, you’ll definitely want to know these 3 ways of pairing food with cannabis terpenes!


As we’ve discussed in the past, terpenes are cannabinoids that have a huge impact on your experience with cannabis. However, terpenes don’t just affect your high. They also have tastes of their own that are complemented by certain dishes. When properly paired, these combinations offer sensations that you wouldn’t have felt from each item alone. And this is even more true when working with edibles!


There are a lot of different combinations you can experiment with here, so today we’re bringing you three pairings to start off with. These terpenes are more commonly used in dishes than others, so this list should give you a head start on pairing food with terpenes.





You might already know this, but this peppery terpene has the ability to mitigate your high if you’re ever overwhelmed. Despite this ability, beta-caryophyllene is present in certain cannabis strains where it can contribute to your high. It’s also present in a number of flavour enhancers such as black pepper, cloves, and hops.


If you’re looking to experiment with this terp, start with a beta-caryophyllene-rich strain like Black Tuna. Decarb your flower in a fat-soluble ingredient like olive oil, and mix that into your sauce of choice. Its flavours go well alongside foods like eggs, steak, and chicken-based dishes like jerk chicken or lemon pepper chicken. Really, anything that is improved by black pepper will be enhanced by the introduction of beta-caryophyllene.





Limonene is pretty easy to come across in the world of food; in fact, it’s present in just about every citrus fruit. This terpene is known for giving users a burst of energy, creativity, and inspiration. Given these effects, it’s no surprise that limonene is present in a lot of sativa strains. And while it’s easy to just pair your limonene-containing strain with orange juice or something, there are more creative ways to pair this terpene with food.


Take desserts, for instance. There are plenty of cakes and pies that utilize citrus, either as a sweetener or to add a little extra punch. If this is something you’d be interested in, use a strain like our new Tropicana Cookies. After decarbing in some butter, this strain is easily imbued into desserts like strawberry shortcake, lemon meringue pie, key lime pie…the list goes on.





Known as the “mother of all terpenes” for its wide range of health benefits, myrcene is an interesting terpene that is found in a wide range of foods. It’s present in thyme and mushrooms, as well as hops like beta-caryophyllene. It’s also found in mangoes (which will get you higher if you consume them after getting high).


If you want to experiment with myrcene in your cooking, try our new SFV OG. Decarb that in a fat-soluble ingredient of your choice, and mix that into a savoury dish. Some good contenders are fish such as salmon, or something with mushrooms like pasta. Either way, you’re in for a satisfying and relaxing dish ripe with health benefits.


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By the way, did you know that eating certain foods can enhance the high you get from cannabis? Check out this blog post to learn more!

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