Today, Chronic Haze brings you 4 places to do shrooms!


Psilocybin mushrooms are one of the most popular psychedelics out there. And for good reason too. They can be fun, they can be introspective, and above all, they can be life-changing.


That said, it’s important to pick the right scenery to accompany them. We’ve talked before about the importance of “set” and “setting”, so today, we’ll give you some examples of a good setting.


At Home (Or a Friend’s House)



Kind of a no-brainer, but it’s a reliable choice if it’s available. While going out on an excursion can be a fulfilling experience, sometimes it’s easier to just have your trip at home. And if home isn’t your best option for whatever reason, a friend’s place can really come in clutch.


The advantages of tripping at home are that you can set-up the environment however you like. Want flashing lights and trippy imagery? Go nuts. Want something a little more grounded in reality? Easily done. Just put away any expensive or fragile objects, just in case things get a little crazy.


Amusement Park



This might seem a little unorthodox, but it’s not as out there as you might think. Of course, if you’re gonna be tripping out in public, maybe don’t go for a macrodose. Microdosing, on the other hand, is a much safer option. There are even products geared toward the microdosing experience.


An amusement park is a great option for lots of reasons. For starters, all the sounds and sights can make for a really fun trip. Or a freaky one, if that’s your thing. There’s also just so much to do, so you definitely won’t get bored. Imagine winning a prize while on shrooms! It’d be mind-blowing.


Music Festival



Of course this was going to be on the list. Think back to the ’60s, when psychedelics were really in their heyday. Festivals like Woodstock were known for their psychedelic overtones. And while things might be a little different now, music festivals are still a great place for a trip.


Depending on the lineup and schedule, you can time your trip to match up perfectly with your favourite artists. And while they don’t necessarily condone it, many festivals have protocol to take care of people who might be a little overwhelmed by their trip. Some even have a little safe space to chill and re-charge. So rest assured, things won’t go terribly wrong.





By far, the best place to do shrooms. We’ve said it before, but there’s nothing like being surrounded by the natural world when you’re on shrooms. The wind blowing the trees, the sound of a flowing river, an open sky with sunshine…these are the things that’ll make your trip one to remember.


Shrooms can definitely be a lot of fun, but doing them out in nature with some good friends can be an eye-opening experience. It really allows you to disconnect from the artifice of your day-to-day life and get in touch with who you really are. And most of all, it can be really trippy.


Wanna Learn More?


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Also, if it’s your first time tripping, check out this blog post on what to do your first time doing shrooms!

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