Today, Chronic Haze brings you 5 albums to listen to while high!


Music is such a vital component of the human spirit. The right song can give you joy, bring you in touch with certain other emotions, or even get your body moving. And given the sensory enhancement that comes with cannabis, there’s nothing like listening to music when you’re high.


And while everyone is partial to their favourite artists or tracks when they’re high, there are definitely some that stand out more than others. Certain records are particularly good when you’re high, either for the feelings they impart or the creativity they employ.


So to help you out, Chronic Haze is bringing you five albums you’ll definitely wanna listen to after smoking. Take some notes, as you might find a new favourite here.



Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998)

A classic stoner album. I first listened to this when I was just starting as a cannabis user, and it definitely made me feel higher. You might have heard a little about this one from your hipster friend, but there’s a good reason for it. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is a landmark in performance and creativity with a strange backstory: the narrative of the album is about Anne Frank.


Despite the strangeness of its origin and the even weirder lyrics present, there are many elements of this record that have gone on to influence other similar records. The songs on this album range all have a melancholy vibe, but with moments of joy and excitement. Its hypnotic energy also perfectly complements a session, so smoke some Strawberry Cough to really get into that cerebral energy.


Joey Bada$$ – 2000 (2022)



Joey Bada$$’s recent album was one to impress. 2000 is an ambitious record with a diverse mix of vibes present in its production. Certain tracks, like Cruise Control, are instant classics, while others like Survivors Guilts, really dial up the emotional elements. The record is also a more traditional entry than others on this list, making it an easy listen when you’re with your friends.


Serving as a follow-up to 2012’s 1999, 2000 goes into some of Joey Bada$$’s pathos, while still encapsulating that underground street vibe that characterizes his older works. If you’re looking for something that’s not too experimental while still setting itself apart from all the other same-ey stuff, give this record a listen. Maybe after some Ghost Pink?


Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs (2018)



Our boy Earl Sweatshirt comes through with a record that can only be listened to while high. Despite the fact that Some Rap Songs received critical acclaim upon release, there were many who weren’t so crazy about the abstract nature of the songs. But while everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, you should definitely listen to it and form your own opinion.


Earl Sweatshirt has had a rocky road in life, going from the craziness of Odd Future to the dark and moody records afterwards. This album served as a departure from all that, taking on introspective and spiritual themes. Above all, the wide range of samples and unconventional song structures made the album an unforgettable one. 


Alex G – Rocket (2017)



If you don’t know who Alex G is, he’s almost like the Lil B of alternative and indie. Wielding an immense mix of inspirations amidst a huge list of songs, he’s quickly become a legendary artist over the past decade. And his 2017 record Rocket is certainly a major contributing factor.


Incorporating a mix lo-fi, indie, psychedelic, and even a bit of country, the songs on Rocket are certainly like nothing you’ve ever heard. And Alex G’s songwriting style involves writing from perspectives other than his own, so the range of themes you’ll encounter is pretty much endless with his music. As one of the defining underground artists of the 2010s, you definitely owe it to yourself to check out Alex G.


Miles Davis – Kind of Blue (1959)



While this entry is a little older than the others and of a different genre, let it be said: there’s nothing like jazz when you’re high. And if you’re gonna be listening to jazz, you should definitely be hearing one of the greats. Miles Davis is one of the biggest jazz artists of all time, and Kind of Blue is a classic in his list of contributions.


You might be tempted to listen to more conventional genres of popular music, but you’d be missing out if you didn’t listen to some jazz every now and then. Other genres can be a little one-dimensional sometimes, but not jazz. The range of emotions and the depth of creativity will have you seeing life in a different light after blazing. You might find it influences you in making new decisions about your life. Or maybe that’s just the Angel Fire talking.


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