I’ll just come out and say it: if you’re a cannabis user, you really should be using a dry herb vape.


Listen, I know smoking is just too convenient. And for a lot of people, once you start dabbing you never go back. But if you always end off your day with a joint or a dab, you’d be doing yourself a favour by adding the dry herb vape to your arsenal. Here are five reasons dry herb vaporizers are a must-have for any cannabis user. 


Dry Herb Vapes Are Better For Your Health



Let’s just state the obvious: smoke is bad for your lungs. Doesn’t mean you need to quit today, but you could definitely do with a little less of it.


Dabbing isn’t much better, by the way. And while edibles don’t pose the same risks, they’re not exactly intended for a casual sesh.


Dry herb vapes, on the other hand, are among the least harmful ways to consume cannabis. It’s no secret that doctors typically recommend vaporizers for patients using medical cannabis.


With smoking or dabbing, you inhale a lot of the by-products that come with lighting a substance on fire. But a dry herb vape simply heats the weed to a sufficient enough temperature to create vapour. In other words, it bakes the weed. And then you get baked.


Dry Herb Vapes Are Cost-Effective



Dry herb vaporizers are incredibly useful for conserving weed. The average bowl on a vaporizer holds much less weed than you’d roll in a jay or pack in a bong. But because they slowly vaporize the weed, you lose far less to combustion than you would to other methods, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.


And after you’re done, when the weed is browned and baked? Don’t throw it away! Don’t smoke it (you won’t get much out of it), but don’t get rid of it either. When you have enough of it, you can use your ABV (already-been-vaped) weed to make edibles. Dry herb vapes essentially allow you to get high from the same weed twice!


Dry Herb Vapes Are Discrete and Convenient



Dry herb vapes make it easy to get high without unwanted parties knowing. Personally, I don’t always need everyone around me to know I’m high. And walking in dank as hell is like wearing a neon sign that says “Hey everyone, look at me! I’m stoned!”


Dry herb vapes bypass this problem entirely. Cannabis vapour smells nothing like cannabis smoke (it’s somewhere between peanut butter and popcorn), and it doesn’t smell nearly as strong. And the thin vapour emitted from dry-herb-vaping is much less noticeable than weed smoke or the vapour from a dab pen. They’re pretty easy to use indoors without offending anyone, and are especially useful if you live somewhere with cold, hostile winters.


And they’re pretty easy to carry around! Most dry herb vapes are portable and fit right in your pocket. They come in a range of sizes, with many of them comparable to the size of your phone.


Dry Herb Vapes Give You Control Over Your High



Dry herb vapes are made so you can get as high as you need to be. This makes each serving size ideal both for newbies and for experienced stoners looking to microdose.


While the smallest dry herb vapes typically only have an on-and-off function, most of them allow you to change the temperature settings. You can set the temperature on the higher side if you wanna get really stoned really quick, or set the temperature low for a slow, gradual high.


And unlike dab pens, which use THC concentrates, dry herb vapes use actual flower, meaning you get all the terpenes of your bud when you vape. And if you still prefer oils and wax, no problem! Many dry herb vapes come with an extra attachment that allows you to vape your concentrates.


Dry-Herb Vapes Help You Manage Your Tolerance



If you’re a heavy user, eventually your tolerance starts to get higher than it needs to be. Conventional wisdom says this would be an ideal time for a tolerance break. And while this might be true for some, T-breaks don’t always work for everybody.


The dry-herb vape’s slower, milder dosing method is incredibly effective at getting you just as high as you need to be. It’s a more involved process that involves slow draws as the chamber heats up. It’s a good time to disengage from whatever else you’re doing, focus on your breathing, and take notice of exactly how high you feel.


And if you really need to get higher? Just throw in more weed. Eventually, when you do smoke that next cannon, your brain’s CB1 receptors will be in a much better place to truly appreciate what you’re smoking.


Wanna Learn More?


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And if you’re looking for more reads, we made a list of our Top 10 cannabis consumption methods! Did your favourite method make #1? Check it out here!






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