Today, Chronic Haze brings you the 5 best pizza places in Toronto!


Pizza has long been a staple in the stoners’ arsenal. The crunch of the crust, the zesty tomato sauce, the gooey cheese…there’s nothing quite like a good pie when you’re high.


That said, it can be difficult to find really good pizza. And while it’s reliable, nobody wants to eat Pizza Pizza every time they get high.


That’s why today’s blog post is bringing you five of the best pizza places in Toronto. Each one of these entries brings something unique to the table. But one thing’s universally true about all of them: they’d make a great choice for your munchies.


The Fourth Man in the Fire Pizzeria



A casual joint with awesome pizza. Fourth Man in the Fire has all your pizza-related needs covered. They’ve also got beer on tap, as well as a selection of desserts like donuts. In fact, they’ve got a donut ice cream sandwich that’s just begging to be eaten when you’re high. This one’s a must-try. And definitely smoke up before you go here. Maybe some Pink Gasoline?


Blaze Pizza



A classic Toronto pizza joint. Blaze Pizza’s build-your-own-pizza function is a real game-changer, and it’s especially fun to watch when you’re high. The open-flame oven quickly brings your pizza to perfection, so you don’t have to wait too long. Add the wide variety of options they’ve got on top of that, and you’ve got one of the best places to grab your munchies. And it even has “blaze” in the name. How could you go wrong with this?


Buca Osteria & Enoteca



If you’re looking for something a little on the fancy side, you’ve definitely gotta swing by one of the Buca locations. They make authentic Italian pizza, as well as a wide range of other Italian staples. If you’re really looking to have a good time, have a glass of smooth wine with your meal. And maybe roll up before. We suggest our new Angel Fire strain.


Bar Poet



Looking for a place that’s Instagram-post-worthy? Bar Poet has got you covered. Here, you can enjoy a stellar selection of pizzas and other Italian fare under the glitter of firefly lights in the heart of the city. They’ve even got skee-ball machines set up to keep you busy as you wait for your ‘za. And you’re looking for some zaza before your ‘za, smoke some Ghost Pink before you go!


King Slice



Probably my favourite entry on this list. When you’re out late at night, there’s just no place like King Slice to get your pizza fix. Their pizzas are all top-notch, and that garlic oil that spread on top of it is really the cherry on top. Any time I’m in the city late at night, stoned as hell, I can’t help but think to myself: “I could really go for some King Slice right now.” If you’re going anywhere to get food when you’re high, let it be this place.


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Also, looking for something to do in the city when you’re high? Luckily for you, we’ve got a list of five places in Toronto to check out when you’re high! Read about them here!

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