You ever thought about which characters have probably smoked weed?


Sometimes, it’s fun to watch an old piece of media that you watched before becoming a cannabis user. Characters that used to seem like they were carefree or laidback start to look a little different. Some of these characters might even seem like cannabis users!


Today, we’re bringing you five characters that have probably smoked weed. We’re not going with any confirmed smokers; sorry, That ’70s Show gang. These are just the ones that do everything a stoner does, without ever actually confirming it.





This one’s an obvious one. Gandalf the Wise is the quintessential sage-type stoner. That air of mysticism. That beard. And what’s really in the pipe, huh?


Gandalf is the type of stoner every crew needs. Relaxed when he needs to be, but serious against tough foes. He carries the type of wisdom that only comes from a serious confrontation with the void. Ergo, he’s a sativa smoker. He’d smoke something like Strawberry Cough.


Patrick Star



On the other end of the stoner spectrum, we have Patrick Star. Or maybe he’s on the same end as Gandalf, depending on your opinion. That laidback, empty-headedness does communicate that he’s high as balls, but maybe Patrick’s just got life figured out. Maybe he knows something we don’t know?


Conjecture aside, Patrick is everything you’d expect of a stereotypical stoner: relaxed, slow to react, and always munching. And we rarely ever see him work. Is he just at home blazing all day? He seems like an indica guy, so he’s probably smoking that Pink Bubba.





In a similar vein to Gandalf, we have everyone’s favourite Jedi Master. Yoda had to have been blazing up all the time. If you were living in a dark swampy forest for years, you’d probably need some weed to get through it too. Something like Pink Jedi would be his pick.


Aside from that, Yoda’s stoner tendencies are just too obvious. His manner of speech, his air of enlightenment, it all just makes him seem high as balls. Perhaps that’s the secret to mastering the Force?





We’ve probably touched on this before, but Jiraiya is undoubtedly a huge stoner. He probably started smoking while he was training with the toads. Those guys are undoubtedly high all the time. 


Just like Yoda, Jiraiya’s got that enlightened sage vibe that just screams “stoner”. The man is literally a sage, anyway. And like Gandalf, we don’t know what’s in that pipe he’s smoking from. Plus, he needs inspiration for his next novel. This guy would likely smoke a dedicated sativa, like Durban Poison.





Okay, we’re kinda cheating with this one. I know we said we weren’t going with any super obvious picks, but in our defence, Shaggy’s never actually confirmed whether or not he smokes weed. As far as we know, he could just be a really hungry hippie. But let’s not kid ourselves here.


Out of all the characters here, Shaggy is the very essence of a stoner. This is the character that embedded the archetype in our memory. Those 6-foot-tall sandwiches don’t lie, Shaggy has smoked more weed than anybody you know. And if you’ve seen the live-action movie, you know what his favourite name is.



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Also, since we’re on the topic of fictional characters, who do you think would win a smoke off: Naruto, or Sasuke? Check out this blog post to hear our thoughts!

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