Need something to watch while you’re stoned?


T’is the season for horror movies! Halloween is in just over a week, after all.


But are you really going to re-watch the entire Scream franchise again? I mean, they’re solid movies. But there are a whole host of horror films that might scratch your itch even better, especially if you plan on getting baked.

To help narrow it down for you, we’ve compiled five horror movies ranging from the funny and absurd to the downright disturbing. These are some movies you should definitely watch while you’re ripped.


Friendly reminder that Chronic Haze is here to supply you with everything you need to get smoked out this Halloween. We offer same-day delivery and curbside pickup in a number of Ontario locations, and we’re always adding new and exciting items to our repertoire.


And now (in no particular order), here are five films to watch while you’re stoned.


The Cabin in the Woods


Meant to be a satire of gory horror films, this 2012 horror-comedy follows five college students staying in an old cabin. Here, they’re soon attacked by a slew of horror-movie monsters while a team of mysterious technicians manipulates the situation.

Boasting a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as a number of awards, critics praised The Cabin in the Woods for its witty dialogue and intelligent execution. The film can get pretty meta at times, making it an enriching experience for analytical stoners.

It also features some personnel from the MCU, including Chris Hemsworth, the God of Thunder himself. Perfect situation for some Pineapple Thunder, if you ask me.




Hellraiser is one of those movies you need to be high to really enjoy. A cerebral look into the minds of the depraved, this 1987 British supernatural horror film follows the events surrounding a mysterious puzzle box that unleashes otherworldly beings.

Critics were divided on Hellraiser at the time of its release, with many criticizing its plot, actors, and cheesy SFX. However, some called it the greatest British horror film ever made. The film has since gained a cult following and has spawned nine sequels.

You may already recognize Pinhead, the leader of the otherworldly beings with the pins in his face. With his demonic appearance and unsettling dialogue, he’s an iconic character in the horror scene. If you’re looking to match that with some demonic kush, try our craft strain Diablo Pink!




If you’re into found footage, you’re in luck! The newest installment in the V/H/S series, this horror anthology features five independent stories set in 1999, each with its own brand of terror.

While not as highly rated as past installments, 99 was praised for its practical effects and use of common phobias to evoke fear in its audience. The film also experiments a little, utilizing stop-motion segments between shorts.

One of the segments is directed by rapper and producer Flying Lotus, making this a must-see if you’re a fan of hip-hop. Did you know he got kicked out of high school for reasons that were “weed-related”? Stay discreet, even in the age of legalization! Try a cartridge!


Don’t Breathe


Probably the most disturbing entry on this list, but still something you should watch at least once. This 2016 horror-thriller follows three thieves trying to steal the fortune of a blind war veteran. Upon arrival, they find themselves in a situation no one could have predicted.

Receiving an 88% from Rotten Tomatoes, Don’t Breathe was well-reviewed upon release. As you might see from the poster, some even called it “the best American horror film in twenty years”. It featured partial production from Sam Raimi, director of the 2000s Spider-Man trilogy.

But be warned before watching. The plot goes into a direction incredibly mind-boggling and disturbing, so consider that if weed leaves your mind feeling vulnerable. Or, if you’re into getting mind-f**ked, go into it with some High Voltage Extract Terp Sauce. Your call.


Evil Dead II


And finally, Evil Dead II. No pothead’s horror film list would be complete without this gem. Another piece directed by Sam Raimi, this 1987 comedy-horror features series protagonist Ash Williams dealing with the effects of the “Book of the Dead” as his girlfriend becomes possessed by an evil force.

With its campy effects, slapstick style, and over-the-top drama, Evil Dead II is a classic in the horror genre. It received a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, and continues to be a go-to in every weed-smoking film buff’s catalogue.

If you’re looking to dial the surreal factor up to ten, consider pairing this film with our Mimosa flower. Its strong mental effects and high THC will provide the perfect state to take in this movie’s absurdity.



Did any of these movies pique your interest? Remember, Chronic Haze is here to enhance your viewing experience with our amazing assortment of cannabis products. If you’re looking for a product to watch your movie with or just need to re-up, check out our selection today!

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