According to a Canadian study done by Cannatrack, an ongoing cannabis consumption tracker, women are consuming cannabis just as much as men with 19-24 year old females being significantly more likely to consume marijuana versus men in the same age bracket. 25-29 year old females are considered the highest frequency consumers with the 35-39 year old age group coming in close second. The steady increase of marijuana use among women in North America coupled with the fact that women take up 37% of executive level positions in the cannabis industry makes clear the foothold and potential buying power that women have in the cannabis space.

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Read on for a short list on just a handful of prominent women in weed and why you should know them.

Who: Jodie Emery aka the Princess of Pot

Why you should know her: Jodie Emery has been part of the marijuana movement in Canada since its early days wearing many hats including being an advocate for medicinal marijuana, a cannabis entrepreneur, a politician (Emery ran as a candidate for the Green Party of British Columbia), and a magazine editor. Her name has been part of headlines for years because of her efforts in support of the legalization to consume and buy marijuana in Canada and is perhaps best known for being an advocate for legalization during the four years her husband, Marc Emery, was imprisoned on drug charges in the US. In addition to her work as co-founder of, Jodie is now also the proprietor of Jodie’s Joint, a hemp-based café model based on Amsterdam-style cannabis access and coffee shop spaces.

Who: Cyo Nystrom and Rachel Washtien

Why you should know them: Cyo and Rachel are co-founders of Quim, a sex positive female health line of products that promises better sex through the natural powers of plant medicine. The core Quim product offering consists of oils and serums, all containing either CBD or THC centered on the maintenance of vaginal health, libido stimulation or enhanced lubrication. Quim transforms marijuana’s main cannabinoids into formulas that, once absorbed vaginally, can increase blood flow, promote pelvic relaxation and can be helpful for individuals who experience PCOS, endometriosis or those who have recently given birth. While many women may be used to the traditional consumption methods of cannabis, Cyo and Rachel are trailblazers in the cannabis and intimacy space creating a new narrative for health, wellness, cannabis and sex.

Who: Michelle Rainey

Why you should know her: After a banking career that lasted over a decade, Michelle joined the marijuana movement when she crossed paths with Marc Emery (former spouse of the Princess of Pot, Jodie Emery). In 2000, Rainey formed the British Columbia Marijuana Party and passionately advocated for the legalization of cannabis in Canada as well as globally. She’s produced her own YouTube show called Michelle’s Medicinal Marijuana and has distributed cannabis education packages to those who need it. Rainey was arrested by the United States DEA in 2005 alongside Marc Emery for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana in the US. Even under extradition orders, Rainey fought for the rights of medicinal marijuana users all over Canada and the world.

Who: Mary Jane Gibson

Why you should know her: You may recognize Mary Jane from our 5 Cannabis Podcasts you Should Check Out blog post but if you haven’t read that, Mary Jane is best known for being a comedian, journalist and co-host of the Weed+Grub podcast. Gibson is known in the cannabis space because of her long tenure as the culture editor at High Times. As a prominent advocate in the marijuana industry, Gibson has been reporting on the global legalization of medical marijuana since 2007. For a real treat, check out Gibson’s podcast with fellow comedian Mike Glazer, Weed+Grub where they give their thoughts on food, cannabis, world news, culture and comedy.

Who: Abi Roach

Why you should know her: Roach spent over 20 years fighting for medical access to cannabis and for Canadian patients to have a safe place to medicate. Roach had faith that the government would eventually come around to legalization, so much so that she opened Toronto’s first cannabis consumption lounge, HotBox Café back in 2003. HotBox Café, along with the help of similar cannabis stores, played a big role in breaking down the stigma around cannabis and played a pivotal role in paving the way towards normalization. Roach has been honoured as a “cannabis hero” by Cannabis Amnesty alongside 14 others who made a significant impact in the cannabis community. Abi now works as a civil servant where she gets to break down the challenges to make cannabis more inclusive in Canada.

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