It’s finally Halloween! But did you forget to think of a costume again? How about some weed-themed Halloween costume ideas?


When it comes to Halloween costumes, you’ve basically got three categories to work with: scary, sexy, and funny. And as everyone knows, funny wins every time.

So if you’re planning on making everyone laugh, why not do so by proclaiming your love for the magical herb? As long as it’s appropriate for whatever function you’re going to, it’d be the perfect way to steal the spotlight for the night.


Today, we’ll save your ass from costume-less embarrassment with 5 weed-themed Halloween costume ideas. If you procrastinated on your costume yet again, read on!


The Dealer


An easy one. All you’ve really gotta do is channel the guy you used to pick up from pre-legalization. Wear baggy clothes, like an Adidas tracksuit or something. Some sunglasses, to hide your eyes from the feds. If you wanna go all in, draw on some face tats to show your clientele how serious you are.


And don’t forget the weed! Find some dime bags to carry your nugs in and you’ll have the dealer look down pat. If you wanna go as “the dealer with the best weed”, carry our new quad strain, Purple Haze. Its strong cerebral effects will have you and your friends feeling like you did when you first picked up from your original weedman.


Oh, and be sure to show up late to the party. Dealers always do.


A Weed-Related Celebrity


Go with this category to be instantly recognizable with your costume. The best part of these types of costumes is that you can basically wear regular clothes, and it’ll work in your favour. You’ve got your work cut out for you here, with a slew of applicable personalities ripe for costume-making.


You could go with baggy clothes and chains and be Snoop Dogg. You and a buddy could wear sunglasses and headbands to be Cheech and Chong. Or you wear a suit and take fake puffs from a joint, like Elon Musk. The possibilities are endless and they’re all valid, so just pick something and dodge the indecision.


Undecided about what weed to bring too? Try our perfectly balanced hybrid strain Lockjaw. Being a 50-50 indica-sativa split, it’d make a stellar choice for even the most indecisive weed smoker.


Willy Wonka


Remember the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie? Definitely creeped me out as a kid. While this costume isn’t exactly frightening, you might evoke some of the childhood fear people experienced while watching the film.

It’d be a pretty simple costume to put together as well. All you really need is a purple suit and a top hat. It’ll be pretty recognizable, so we’ll leave the rest of the costume up to your discretion. Carry some edibles with you to really tie the look together, like these Milk Chocolate Shatter Bars by Euphoria Extractions. It’ll really sell the people on the “chocolate maker” part of your costume.


Raoul Duke


Ever seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? It’s some of Johnny Depp’s best work, and a ride from start to finish that every weed smoker needs to see at least once (we’ll touch upon this film in greater detail in a later blog post). Even better than the film is how easy it would be to dress as the film’s protagonist, Raoul Duke.


For this look, all you need is a white bucket hat, a short-sleeved funky-looking button-down, aviator sunglasses, and some loose khakis. Be sure to stay talkative and maintain a bug-eyed facial expression to really sell the look. Oh, and keep a joint in your mouth at all times. Grab some pre-rolls so you can smoke one and have another ready to keep your costume in order!


A Hippie


If anything, this costume is just an excuse to stay stoned all night. And it’d be a fun idea too. People will instantly know where you stand on the “Do you smoke?” question. And if you go with a group of friends, you’ll look perfect posted up together smoking a jay. It’s a simple idea too; hippie costumes are easy to put together or find at your local costume store.


For those really looking to channel their inner hippie, consider making the leap to psilocybin. If you’re sure it’ll be a safe space and atmosphere, it could take your party experience up to eleven. Golden Teacher would be a good strain to start with. It’s a classic strain with an average potency, meaning it’ll be a gentle door-opener for those just starting out with psychedelics.



Did any of these ideas jive with your inner weed smoker? At Chronic Haze, we pride ourselves on being experts on all things weed, and there’s no better showcase for this than our products. For those looking to buy weed online, our same-day delivery and curbside pickup policies will have you party-ready in no time. If you’re looking for great deals on weed, make an account with us today and start earning points for your next purchase. You won’t be disappointed!

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