The weather’s getting cold again. These grey skies can leave you feeling gloomy. It’s times like these when some good ol’ lighthearted entertainment can really brighten your day.


To help you shake off those blues, Chronic Haze has assembled five movies to watch as your pick-me-up. And since we know you’re a fan of that devil’s grass, we’ve picked five films that’ll be perfect to watch while you’re high.


The Big Lebowski (1998)



A classic stoner flick. There’s a reason this one makes so many people’s lists. If you’re looking for a chill adventure with snappy dialogue, trippy dream sequences, and a great soundtrack, look no further. It can seem a little random, and the plot meanders at times, but the film’s chill vibes make it hard to be bothered. It’s the perfect film to have on as you kick back, roll some Blue Knight, and forget your worries.


The movie features great supporting acts from John Goodman and Steve Buscemi, but the real champ here is Jeff Bridges as iconic lead character “The Dude”, a beard-clad, chilled-out guy who is constantly seen smoking a joint in the film. He’s a man so iconic and loved by the masses that he’s even spawned his own religion: Dudeism.


Dazed and Confused (1993)



There’s something special about old coming-of-age movies. They usually have killer soundtracks and do a great job of evoking that sense of nostalgia. But over time, a lot of them have become kind of cringe. Many of them are corny, and some are even offensive in certain ways. Fortunately, this one gets a pass.


The film follows a group of high schoolers on their last day of school. It’s exactly what you’re thinking: pranks, parties, and some good old Mary Jane. What separates this movie from the rest of its brethren is its self-awareness, with one particular character meta-analyzing the film’s themes. It also features an unforgettable performance by Matthew McConaughey, in a role you might already recognize. The movie can feel a bit dated at times, but its fun energy will take you back to your younger days.


Napoleon Dynamite (2004)



Don’t tell me you forgot about this cult classic. It’s another one about high schoolers, but with a totally different vibe. Unlike Dazed and Confused, which follows the cool kids having a good time, Napoleon Dynamite is about the nerds. Its namesake character is one of the strangest leads of any film, and its story makes for one of the most awkward comedies you’ll ever see.


With its weird energy, extremely quotable lines, and retro visual flair, Napoleon Dynamite is sure to put a smile on your face. Pair it with some Pink Anxiety to really get in a giggly mood.


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)



I must admit, I’m a big Wes Anderson fan, and this is a pretty notable entry in his filmography. If any film on this list fits the bill for a “lighthearted” watch, this is the one. Following a death, a hotel concierge comes in the possession of a prized painting. Shortly after, he is accused of the murder, sending him and his lobby boy on a strange and comical adventure.


With its beautiful visual set pieces, deadpan comedic style, and surreal vibe, The Grand Budapest Hotel is like sunshine on a cloudy day. Its whimsical energy, paired with a soothing strain like Pink Rockstar, will have you feeling better in no time.


Pineapple Express (2008)



You already knew this one was coming. There had to be some Seth Rogen stoner-comedy on this list. And while there are many great entries in the genre, this one still remains the king. It stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as they deal with crazy cops and violent drug dealers, all while putting their friendship on the line. It’s probably one of the most relatable stoner movies out there, with Rogen and Franco basically just acting as themselves. If you’re ever in a low mood, just roll up some White Death and throw this movie on. You’ll laugh yourself right out of your sad state.


With its hilarious script, over-the-top situations, and believable characters, Pineapple Express manages to be a great movie while still being true to the culture. If you haven’t already seen this movie, go watch it. What are you waiting for?


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Also, if you’re looking to watch something on the spookier side, check out this blog post for five horror movies to watch when you’re high!

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