Looking for some cannabis-friendly events in Toronto this weekend? Luckily for you, Chronic Haze always has an ear to the ground on what’s happening in the city, especially when it’s something that goes well with a side of Mary Jane. Today’s events range from the creative to the comical to everything in between. Make a note of these for your itinerary.


Deep Dish: Pizza With a Side of Circus (Fri, Sat, Sun)



Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Roll up some UK Cheese and check out Deep Dish, a one-woman theatrical show by Samantha Halas, a contortion artist and antipodist from Winnipeg. The show stars Halas as a clumsy waitress with extraordinary abilities as a circus performer, and manages to balance humour with an introspective look at the ways in which artists must contort themselves to fit the “real world.” And pizzas. Pizzas are balanced as well.


Halas, the show’s star, has long been in the professional circus game, having trained in various countries and performed with a number of reputable troupes. Her shows have been known to sell out quick, so grab your tickets while you still can!


Keys Stand Up Comedy Club (Fri, Sat)



This new but noteworthy comedy club has been gaining quite a reputation as of late. Keys has been known to feature comedians who have made appearances on Just For Laughs and the Comedy Network, as well as have amateurs go up on open mic nights. Overall, it’s a great place to get your smoke on. Spark up some Tom Ford Pink before you head in to get the mood right!


A Night With Kenny Glasgow at Wiggle Room (Sat)



If you’re a fan of electronic music, you won’t wanna miss Kenny Glasgow’s set at Wiggle Room. With industrial dark techno beats and an affinity for old-school vibes, this set would go perfectly alongside some SFV OG to get you in that trancey state. His sets tend to sell out quickly, so make sure to grab your tickets before that happens.


Paint Cabin – Paint & Drink Night



For those looking for something to get personally engaged in, you’ve got to check out this after-hours paint party at Paint Cabin. They’ve been hosting paint and drink parties since late March, and they’ve been a blast so far. The event is open to beginners and veteran painters alike, so you don’t have to worry about your lack of artistic vision. They even offer a tasteful selection of drinks to accompany your high. Just make sure not to do too much too fast! Try a less potent strain, like Godzilla, for this event.


Doors Open Toronto



Once again, Doors Open Toronto is back in action. There are a whole slew of culturally and socially significant stops participating in the endeavor, and best of all, it’s totally free! For those looking for something in the film department, Hot Docs is doing a free screening of No Tickets at the Door, and those more interested in the fine arts, the Aga Khan Museum is doing a free exhibit. There are literally hundreds of places to go on this tour, so consider visiting some of them if you’re looking for something to do this weekend!


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By the way, are you considering beginning a career in the cannabis industry? If so, definitely check out this blog post on five emerging careers in the cannabis industry. You’ll be glad you did!

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