Looking for something to do in Toronto while you get high this weekend?


The temperature’s been dropping, and it’s times like this when you’d wanna stay indoors by a cozy fire. But while it may be tempting to stay home and hibernate, you’d definitely be missing out on some of the most exciting events going on in the city.


If you’re looking for something to pass the time this weekend, Chronic Haze has got you covered with five upcoming events. And because it’s us, you know these shindigs will be perfect for getting baked at.


A Frighteningly Authentic Victorian Séance



You thought Halloween was over? There are still plenty of opportunities to have your pants scared off!


Hosted by revered mentalist and mind reader Jaymes White, The Howland Inn Sèance invites groups of 16-18 to a recreation of a Victorian séance. The event promises to be bone-chilling, so try a strong sativa like Amnesia Haze to really dial up the scariness.


You have to be at least 18 to attend the event, and the faint of heart are advised not to attend. The event runs until the end of November, so be sure to catch it while it’s still here!


A Wild Party With Lil Jon



Turn down for what??? In celebration of Rebel’s six-year anniversary, the venue is hosting a wicked party featuring special entertainment in all four rooms. Best of all, the party features a DJ set by the man, the legend, Lil Jon.


The event is on November 19, from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM. It’s sure to be a raging time, so bring along a sativa cart (like this one by Pegasus420) to keep yourself amped and ready to party. This event will surely sell out quick, so grab your tickets before it’s too late!


An Exclusive Viewing of an Amazing New Documentary



Be one of the first to witness a groundbreaking story filmed in one of the most remote areas on the planet.


Created by Anders Hofman of Yes Theory, Project Iceman follows Hofman and his crew as he prepares to undertake the first-ever long-distance triathlon in Antarctica. “Limitations are perceptions” is the film’s marketing campaign slogan. The film promises to be an inspiring tale showing the potential that lies within all of us.


The Red Carpet Premiere takes place at the Meridian Arts Centre from November 18 to 19. If this is up your alley, buy your tickets before they run out! And if you’re looking to bring some snacks to the viewing, buy some Buudabombs!


An Exhibit of the Work of a Respected Artist



For those looking for an introspective experience, you should definitely check out “Daniel Meets Floyd” at Gallery Arcturus. The exhibit is composed of works by Floyd Kuptana, Inuvialuit artist who sadly passed away last year. Those who knew him have set up the exhibit in his memory.


The exhibit runs until Saturday from noon to 5:30 PM. If you’re looking to feed your soul this weekend, be sure to stop by.


Experience Life in an Episode of FRIENDS



Are you a fan of FRIENDS? Well, have I got an event that you are gonna love.


Happening exclusively at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, The FRIENDS Experience: The One in Toronto allows patrons to explore sets from the show. Some notable examples include Central Perk, and Joey and Chandler’s apartment.


The event runs from Wednesdays to Sundays until January 2, so you’ve got plenty of time to schedule a visit. Be sure to show up on some Grape Ape to maintain those Joey vibes (lest you show up acting like a Monica).


Wanna Learn More?


Remember, if you’re looking to buy cannabis online, Chronic Haze has got you covered. We do same-day delivery and curbside pickup in a number of Ontario cities, and we’re always updating our stash with new and exciting products.


If you want the most bang for your buck on cannabis supplies, make an account with us and check out our selection today!

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