Today, Chronic Haze brings you 5 new cannabis strains to enjoy in the warm weather!


Spring is finally here. And you know what that means? That’s right, you can finally stop vaping indoors and go back to smoking outside! There’s really nothing like smoking a cannon on a nice day.


But what should you smoke? Fear not, because we’re bringing your attention to five of our top strains that you should be smoking. Make a mental note of these ones.


Angel Fire



This perfectly balanced hybrid by Green Giant’s Garden is a cross between Fire OG and Purple Angel, and has all the makings of a great strain. With a euphoric buzz that boosts your mood, strong relaxing effects that help you mellow out, and a respectable 26% THC, Angel Fire is a contender for the best in our current lineup.


Ghost Pink



Looking for something a little heavier? Our Ghost Pink strain will definitely hit the spot. This cross between OG Kush and Afghani is known for its pungent citrusy aroma, and comes at a whopping 29% THC. Its powerful indica-leaning effects can be quite sedating, making it perfect for help with sleep or chronic pain.


Wedding Cake



Wedding Cake will have you falling in love. Another entry by Green Giant’s Garden, this indica-dominant hybrid comes in at a reasonable 24% THC. It’s a cross between Cherry Pie and the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies, and it’s loaded with crystally trichomes. Its relaxing effects will keep your mood stable, and its sweet vanilla-lemon overtones will leave you satisfied.


White Fire Pink



Another indica-dominant hybrid, White Fire Pink is a 26% THC strain that’s a cross between Fire OG and The White. Its unique taste and scent are a mix of lemon, pine, and earthy notes. Despite its status as an indica-dominant, it’s known for giving users a burst of creativity and focus, followed by a relaxing body high. This unconventional mix of effects make it a good multi-purpose strain.


Pink Goo



We’ve got a lot of “pink” strains on this list, huh? Can’t help it when Pink Kush is such a great strain. Pink Goo takes everything great about Pink Kush and mixes it with Afgoo, creating a potent strain with strong indica effects. Its earthy, pine scent really adds to the complexity. And at 25% THC, you really can’t go wrong with this strain.


Wanna Learn More?


Whatever you end up choosing, you’ll find it at the Chronic Haze online store! We’ve got every strain on this list, and more. We also do same-day delivery and curbside pickup, so you can be sure your product will make it to you safely.


Not within our main delivery zones? Not to worry! We do nationwide delivery all across Canada! If you’re looking to buy cannabis online, make an account with us and experience the difference today!


Also, trying to cut down on smoking while still experiencing the upsides of flower? Check out this blog post on the benefits of using a dry herb vape!

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