Today, Chronic Haze brings you 5 places to go when you’re high!


Spring is here, and with the warmer weather comes things to do in the city. That said, it’s still a little chilly out. You’re probably not going to a street market anytime soon.


But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. There are plenty of fun places to visit in Toronto while the last of winter passes. More importantly, there are plenty of fun places to visit when you’re high.


We’ve assembled five spots to hit up after you’ve gotten yourself nice and ripped. If you’re looking for some inspiration, make a mental note of these.


Escape Manor Toronto



There are plenty of escape rooms in Toronto, but this one really takes the cake. Escape Manor is the most high-end escape room you’ll find. The rooms are all pretty challenging, and there’s even a lounge where you can grab food and drinks while you play tabletop games. They also recently added axe throwing, so check that out if you’re feeling a little cheeky.


The Ballroom Bowl



I’ve been to a lot of bowling alleys, but this is definitely the nicest bowling alley I’ve ever been to. The Ballroom is one of the best hangout spots in the city. There’s occasional live music and DJs which really set the vibe apart from other places. Again, the food and drinks here are great, and you can bowl and play pool in the heart of Toronto. Roll up some Pink Meteorite before, and you’ll be chucking bowling balls out of orbit.





With Tilt Arcade Bar temporarily closed, there’s been a huge void in the Toronto barcade scene. Thankfully, FreePlay exists, and it’s a pretty solid joint. There are plenty of retro game consoles from various eras, with 80s and 90s memorabilia everywhere. You can grab a poutine and a mixed drink while you play some Mario Party and listen to a live DJ. Or, skip the drinks and have a piece of a Shatter Bar before.


Art Gallery of Ontario



If you’ve never felt like you understood art, I implore you to try looking at art when you’re high. You’ll feel something you didn’t feel before. Luckily, the AGO is always teeming with new exhibits in its gallery. It’s also free if you’re 25 or younger, and free for everyone every Wednesday from 6pm-9pm. Have some culture with your high.


Ontario Science Centre



You probably haven’t been to the Science Centre since you were a kid, but coming here while high is gonna make you feel like a kid again. Pop a couple Buudabombs before and watch your world light up with knowledge. Learn things you didn’t know before, or did but forgot. Expand your horizons. Free your mind. Science is how the world works. And the world is a crazy thing, man.



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Also, check out this blog post if you’re looking for some TV shows to watch when you’re high!

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