Today, Chronic Haze brings you 5 Psilocybe cubensis strains you need to try!


For the uninitiated, psilocybin mushrooms are powerful psychedelics that can evoke a wide range of effects in users. Your experience can be extremely fun or extremely scary, and can sometimes even be life-changing. It’s definitely something everyone should experience.


That said, there are many different mushroom strains, just like there are with cannabis. Most of the popular strains fall under the Psilocybe cubensis umbrella. These are the mushrooms you’re probably the most familiar with, as they’re particularly easy to cultivate. There are a lot of different strains associated with this family of shrooms, and today we’re bringing your attention to five P. cubensis strains that you should be first on your list.


Golden Teacher



One of the most popular strains of all time, Golden Teacher is named after its bright gold caps. Their moderate potency makes them a great strain for new and experienced users alike. They’ve been known to evoke deep and introspective experiences in users, accounting for the “teacher” part of their name. These are a reliable strain that many users have used for their first trip. If you’re new to the world of psychedelics, these should be at the top of your list.


Penis Envy



If you’ve read about Sigmund Freud, you might already know what the term “penis envy” means. And the definition of the term might not have much to do with the actual experience, you’re definitely in for a cerebral trip. The Penis Envy strain is known for having higher amounts of psilocybin than other strains, making them quite potent. They’re not exactly recommended for your first trip, but if you’re a seasoned psychonaut, definitely consider trying these out.




B+ is a strain of large mushrooms that are known for their mid-range potency. They tend to cause feelings of lethargy and tiredness in users, making them more situational than some of the other entries on this list. However, they’re notable for causing feelings of ease and warmth in users which, in conjunction with their mid-range potency, makes them a good choice for new users. If you’re looking for something to ease yourself into the psychonaut life, check these out.


Tidal Wave



Warning: if you’re a first-time user, wait before trying these. Tidal Wave is a cross between Penis Envy and B+, and is quite similar to Penis Envy in its high psilocybin content. In fact, Tidal Wave is said to have the highest psilocybin content out of all P. cubensis strains. This strain grew in popularity after being submitted to the 2021 Psilocybin Cup in Oakland, California. They’ve since become a mainstay for their powerful effects, including hallucinations, euphoria, and intense mental clarity. If you’re an experienced user looking for a new journey to set off on, these are the shrooms for you.





Our final entry on this list is Cambodian, a smaller-bodied strain with brown caps that grows in warmer environments. It’s another potent strain that, while causing less hallucinations, is known for producing feelings of creativity in users. Users also report feelings of energy and focus at lower doses, making them a good choice for social outings. If your goal is to have a great time with friends, this is a strain you should be checking out.


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Also, for those who are experienced with cannabis but new to shrooms, check out this blog post on the similarities between cannabis and mushrooms!

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