Today, Chronic Haze brings you 5 shows to watch when you’re high!


We’ve given you a lot of movie recommendations on this blog, but sometimes it can be hard to sit through a whole movie. Especially when you’re high.


So today, we figured we’d give you something a little easier to digest with that cannabis-modified attention span. Sow without any further ado, here are five shows to check out when you’re high.


Regular Show



A personal favourite of mine from when I first started getting high. The show follows Mordecai and Rigby (the bluebird and the raccoon), two 23-year-old slackers who work as groundskeepers at a local park. The two look for ways to avoid doing work, often to the chagrin of their boss. The consequences of their schemes always lean into the absurd.


Regular Show is a favourite of many potheads, and for good reason. There’s really nothing regular about this show. With believable characters, great writing, and hilarious situational humour, this one’s a top contender for shows to watch when you’re high. Plus, there are plenty of weed jokes hidden throughout the show – look for them when you watch!


Bojack Horseman



You might have already watched this one. But if you haven’t, watch it ASAP. Bojack Horseman follows a middle-aged anthropomorphic horse struggling with addiction, a bad personality, and being a washed-up TV star living in Hollywood. While it might seem silly from the outset, the show often takes a turn for the serious and the shocking, with real observations on the human condition.


The show also features a wide range of celebrity voices that add a little extra star power to the show. Honestly, Bojack Horseman is probably one of the best shows to ever exist. Even if you aren’t high for it, definitely check this one out. But if you do get high, try some Cali Gold to really get in the Hollywood spirit.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia



Since we’re on the topic of shows about terrible people, check out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia while you’re at it. The show follows five narcissistic, sociopathic individuals who run a dive bar in Pennsylvania. The episodes usually follow a similar format: they devise a scheme to either get rich or cause someone else trouble, and end up falling flat on their face as a result.


It’s Always Sunny is great for those looking for a little wit in their humour. The writing is tight throughout the entire show, with classic bits you’ll never forget. Plus, it features America’s sweetheart Danny DeVito as one of the main characters. It really doesn’t get much better than this.


Trailer Park Boys



A classic Canadian program. If you want another show about watching idiots fail at their schemes, Trailer Park Boys is the show for you. If you haven’t already seen it, then here’s the setup: three residents of a trailer park in Nova Scotia plot ways to get rich and make it out of the hood. They usually cause trouble for the nosy and controlling park supervisor, but everybody ends up rooting for them anyway.


If you’re a Canadian, you really should watch this show. If you’re a Canadian pothead, then you really should watch this show. Trailer Park Boys is so legendary it even got a real-life cannabis strain based on the one grown by a character on the show! The show’s just good fun too. Perfect to watch when you’re high and have the giggles.


The Midnight Gospel



This one came out near the start of the pandemic, and was a great way to get in that meditative state. A combination of selections from a podcast with the art of the guy who made Adventure Time, this show is made for those cannabis users who like to think about the philosophical stuff.


The show’s art direction gets crazy and psychedelic, and the discussions its characters have say a lot about the worries and fears that plague the human mind. But even still, the Midnight Gospel manages to bring things to an optimistic conclusion by the end of each episode. This show is an amazing mix of creativity and therapy. It might even be a good opportunity to try these out.


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Also, if you’re looking for some movies to watch when you’re high, check out this blog post!

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