What do you keep in your stoner kit?


The stoner kit is a must-have for any stoner on the go. Back in the pre-legalization days, they were good for keeping your stuff together discreetly. Nowadays, they’re just an excellent way to stay organized. I remember when I used to use an old PSP case as a stoner kit. Now there are a variety of cases designed specifically to hold your weed stuff (these ones by Stashlogix are my personal favourite).


But it’s not about what kind of case you use. It’s what you keep inside it that counts. The smartest stoners always come to the sesh prepared. Forgetting essential items can offset your good time, and even stop your sesh altogether.


Today we’ll go over everything you need to keep in your stoner kit. Grab a pen, some paper, and maybe your old PSP case. Let’s get started.





A lighter is a no-brainer for your stoner kit. But everyone always brings a regular old BIC lighter to the sesh. What about a lighter with a pokey in it?


Ever heard of CLIPPER? Not only are their lighters refillable, but each one comes with a weed-poking stick inside (it’s attached to the flint). Never again worry about smoking a loose joint. With a CLIPPER, you’ve got two of your most important sesh components in one.


King Size Rolling Papers

When it comes to papes, King Size is always the way to go. There have been so many times when I just wasn’t able to scratch that itch because I opted for the 1 ¾. With King Size papes, you at least have the option of trimming the paper to whatever size you need.


In any case, if you’re picking up King Size papes, RAW is always a reliable option. Their Classic Slim Papers are made with 100% plant fibres to keep your smoke as natural as possible. So keep these in mind if you’re looking for papers.


Filter Tips


I remember when we used to rip off little pieces of cardboard, fold them up, and call them filters. Newsflash: the stone age is over! Pick up some real filters.


Luckily, RAW has you covered here too. Their Classic Regular Tips are a staple in any stoner’s arsenal. The ample paper in each filter allows you to shape that joint into whatever size and shape you want. And while pre-rolls certainly have their place in the lineup, there’s something to be said about rolling your own joint. So definitely grab some filter tips.





Pro-tip: measure your weed! If you’re on a budget, or just want to see how much you’re consuming, having a scale can make a world of difference. They’re also vital if you happen to be having a mushroom day.


This 500g Digital Scale would make a fine addition to anyone’s stoner kit. Its small shape and easy-to-use interface give you a crystal-clear look at how much you’re consuming. If you’re the obsessive-compulsive type, definitely keep a scale in your kit.


Boveda Humidity Packs

If there’s one thing that sucks about carrying your weed on you, it’s how often it dries out. But did you know there’s a way around that?


These Boveda Humidity Packs are the answer to your worries. They have the ability to both add or remove humidity from your flower, keeping it at a consistent level. All you need to do is add it to your bag, and voilà. Problem solved. While they’re not as common as the other entries on this list, they’ll definitely make the greatest difference.


Wanna Learn More?


Don’t forget that Chronic Haze has everything, accessories and all, to have you ready for your next sesh. We offer same-day delivery and curbside pickup in a number of Ontario cities. If you’re looking to buy weed online, visit our store today!


By the way, did you know that cannabis works surprisingly well as a sleep aid? Check out this blog post for more info!

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