After a night of heavy drinking, your next day can feel like hell. Some people are quick to smoke weed in response to this. They swear that weed can help with a hangover.

But is this true? Doesn’t weed amplify the effects of alcohol? How could it help with a hangover?


There’s more to this than you might think. Scientists are still studying the effects of weed on the body, and aren’t entirely sure how exactly it helps with being hungover. However, what we do know are some of the benefits of weed, and how they may come into play with hangovers.

Today, we’ll look at how weed can help with hangovers. If you’re suffering from some party-related aches and pains, you’re gonna want to know this stuff.


How Does Weed Help?


Let’s get into the science. We’ll start by acknowledging the fact that weed isn’t a hangover cure. Rather, it has the potential to make the experience more bearable.

Firstly, weed has anti-inflammatory properties. It makes for an effective pain reliever, dulling the discomfort of your headache and nausea. It also works as a muscle relaxant, dealing with the tension you’d typically experience with a hangover.


Next, weed stimulates your appetite, allowing you to eat and drink in spite of your nausea. Its anti-anxiety properties also help with any negative feelings you might be experiencing, like regret for the decisions you made the night prior. The cannabinoids in weed also provide a boost to your metabolism, helping you get through the day.


Finally, weed works as a sleep aid, allowing you to get restful sleep and recuperate from any damage done to your body. Remember, alcohol is a toxin that causes inflammation, among other things. Overall, weed helps to combat many of the negative side effects that come with a night of drinking.


How Should I Use Weed to Help?


So if weed is really that effective against hangovers, should you just consume it willy-nilly? Not quite.


Again, weed can help with a hangover. It doesn’t cure it. Depending on how much alcohol is still in your body, simply getting baked might not be your best course of action. What’s important is your dosage, your consumption method, and whatever else you’re doing to help your situation.

While THC and CBD have both been seen to help with pain, CBD is the clear winner. Studies have even shown that it helps fight the neurodegenerative effects of alcohol! With this in mind, you’d probably benefit from smoking an indica, like our new quad strain Pink Jedi.



Cartridges would also be a wise move here. This is especially true if you’re really hungover, and don’t want to dive in too deep with a whole joint. Again, an indica is best here, such as the King Louis XIII vape tip by Pegasus420.



There are also those who feel that edibles work best for a hangover. While this sounds good in theory, it can be a tough ask to scarf down some edibles while you’re feeling sick. It also means you’re committing yourself to your dosage while your physical state is already compromised. So think wisely before jumping in.


If you’re going the edible route, try going low and slow until you hit a sweet spot. These low-dose Shatter Chews by Euphoria Extractions are a good way to find that middle ground. Just be sure to eat some real food too.


Above all, drink water! Remember, you’re dehydrated as hell right now, and you need to replenish your fluids. Weed works best as a hangover aid when you’re managing all your other avenues as well. So drink the splashy stuff, if you know what’s good for you.




So as it turns out, weed doesn’t cure a hangover. Instead, weed used in conjunction with other self-care methods can help you deal with the effects of a hangover.

It’s worth noting that, unlike alcohol, weed is non-toxic. So even if you did smoke weed the night prior, your feeling sick is a result of the alcohol. In short, weed definitely won’t harm you, so consider adding it to your arsenal of hangover-fighting tactics.



We hope you continue to come to Chronic Haze for all your hangover-relief needs. We offer same-day delivery and curbside pickup in a number of Ontario cities so that you can get your weed as soon as you need pain relief. Have something in mind? Check out our selection and buy weed online with us today!



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