Is it possible to overdose on cannabis?


Cannabis is known for being one of the safest substances to use. That being said, anybody who’s used cannabis can tell you there’s such a thing as doing too much.


But what happens if you do? Is there any possibility that you could OD from using too much cannabis? Today, we’ll explore that question and relay the facts. Let’s get into it.


Note: This blog post is intended for educational purposes and is not a substitute for medical advice. If you or someone you know is experiencing problems with substance abuse or addiction, seek help from a doctor or healthcare professional.


Can You OD On Cannabis?



When you take a look at drug toxicity charts, you’ll see that cannabis consistently ranks pretty low when it comes to health concerns. And it’s not surprising. Along with psilocybin and LSD, cannabis is one of the least harmful substances there is.


It is impossible to overdose using cannabis. Unlike alcohol or GHB, acute toxicity from cannabis is almost unheard of in adults. Currently, the CDC has reported no deaths from the use of cannabis alone. There’s nothing so harmful about cannabis that constitutes a threat to your health.


So basically, you can’t OD on cannabis. At least not the same way you could with other drugs. But let’s change our approach for a minute: is it possible to use too much cannabis at once?


Of course, it’s possible to use so much cannabis that it causes discomfort. While it’s not an “overdose” in the traditional sense, it’s still the result of overuse and can give you more grief than you would’ve hoped for.


What Happens If You Use Too Much Cannabis?



The symptoms that arise from using too much THC range from the mild to the severe. On the milder end of the spectrum, too much THC can cause anxiety, rapid heartbeat, headaches, dizziness, and issues with concentration. Fortunately, they disappear with the effects of the THC. Most users can simply wait it out without requiring medical assistance.


However, in very rare cases involving incredibly high doses, some individuals have experienced what is known as acute cannabinoid overdose (ACO). This condition causes anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, nausea, and vomiting. Symptoms can last for hours or even days. It’s one of the few cases where one might need medical attention as the result of cannabis use.


ACO results from using overwhelmingly high amounts of THC, more than one would typically use at once. However, experts say that those who use synthetic cannabinoids are 30 times more likely to experience ACO. Stick to the natural stuff.


What Should I Do If I Use Too Much Cannabis?



If you’ve used so much cannabis that you’re experiencing symptoms of ACO, seek medical attention. If it’s less severe than that, then don’t worry. You can deal with this one at home.


As previously stated, your unwanted feelings will dissipate as your high ends. By simply waiting it out, while focusing on your breathing and perhaps watching a calming video, you can get through the experience. Drinking water and eating something can also help here 


You can also use certain cannabinoids to mitigate your high. CBD is well-known for its ability to counteract the effects of THC, and there are plenty of CBD products you can use to achieve this. Additionally, certain terpenes, such as beta-caryophyllene, are remarkably good at counteracting a high as well. Remember your terpenes!


Of course, there are some cases where people are so overwhelmed by cannabis that they green out. Usually, this is partially the result of another factor, like inadequate sleep or nutrition. If you want to know how to deal with a green out, you can learn right here.


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By the way, if you’ve ever wondered whether cannabis or alcohol is safer for you, check out this blog post over here!



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