Cannabis and music are a match made in heaven. Anyone who’s gotten high will tell you that it just makes music better. And the number of musicians who cite cannabis as an inspiration is endless.


There seems to be some kind of relationship between cannabis and music. Why is this the case, though? What is the nature of this relationship?


Today, Chronic Haze seeks to answer those questions. We’ll examine what happens when you listen to music high, as well as take a look at how cannabis influenced some of the biggest music scenes.


What Happens When You Listen to Music High?



So what makes music so special after consuming cannabis? Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of research in this area, despite the strong relationship between the two. However, there are some key facets of the relationship that experts have focused their gaze on.


Most users report feeling more immersed in whatever they’re listening to. Some say they can almost hear the music better. This is no coincidence; cannabis, like other psychotropic substances, alters one’s perception.


In this state of mind, phenomena such as sounds have the ability to take on a more palpable form. One’s perception of time also changes, and music relies heavily on timing.


One particular expert, Jörg Fachner (a professor from Anglia Ruskin University), has stated that cannabis works as a “psycho-acoustic enhancer.” This is in part due to the fact that many CB1 receptors, which process the cannabinoids in cannabis, are present in the brain’s auditory cortex.


Basically, while cannabis doesn’t change music or sound in any way, it changes the way the brain perceives it. Instruments, vocals, and other sounds can take on a new character, changing how one might absorb or experience what they’re hearing.


Additionally, a study conducted in the 1970s found that music listeners experienced increased clarity in sounds at 6000Hz after using cannabis. They also found that cannabis users seemed to like these sounds, which at the time were present in things like guitar solos or trumpets.


On top of that, cannabis also triggers the release of dopamine. This, alongside the dopamine produced from hearing one’s preferred music, creates a synergetic effect. Many experts believe that this synergy is what took the relationship between cannabis and music from a perceived one to a cultural one.


How Has Cannabis Affected Popular Music?



The cultural relationship between cannabis and music is an age-old one. Think about it; it’s impossible to even step foot into a music festival without catching wind of the herb.


But that relationship isn’t exclusive to listeners. Cannabis has played a huge role in the creation of music and artistry at large. Cannabis increases feelings of creativity, after all. And that creativity has manifested into a diverse range of music scenes.


The first scene to really embrace cannabis was jazz; in fact, joints were often referred to as jazz cigarettes in the early-to-mid 20th century. Jazz musicians were some of the first to notice how getting high improved musicians’ ability to play music and tap into the flow state. Miles Davis, one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, was also well-known for his love of cannabis.


Going further, rock and roll was the next wave in music to be influenced by cannabis. The influence here was huge, with acts like the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, and Jimi Hendrix being some of the biggest names among cannabis-using musicians. Music festivals like Woodstock became synonymous with cannabis, psychedelics, and the opening of one’s mind.


Reggae is another genre associated with cannabis, if not the most. Huge names like Bob Marley allowed the genre to bring forth new principles into the world of cannabis. In this case, cannabis was heavily tied to the Rastafari faith, and many of these musicians were at the forefront of the fight to legalize cannabis.


Finally, hip hop is intrinsically tied to the world of cannabis. A big contributor here is Reagan’s war on drugs, giving way to pushback from racially and economically marginalized groups. There are so many hip hop artists associated with cannabis is seemingly endless, but the NWA were notable in establishing themselves as artists entrenched in the world of cannabis, as individuals and as a group.


These are just a few of the musical movements that cannabis played a role in. In the post-legalization era, cannabis will surely play an even greater role in the formation of new genres. 


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Why Does Music Sound So Damn Good When You’re High on Cannabis?

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