Legalized 5.0 is coming to Toronto! In celebration of the anniversary of cannabis legalization in Canada, Cannabis Comedy Festival is returning with its annual comedy show this Monday, October 17. It’ll be an evening filled with smoke, laughter, and like-minded people. If you want to celebrate legalization in style, grab your ticket while you still can!


Remember that it’s a canna-friendly event, so make sure you’re fully stocked up before going! Chronic Haze offers the best deals on fantastic cannabis products, as well as same-day delivery and curbside pickup in several Ontario cities. We’ve got exactly what you need to make this legalization anniversary your wildest one yet.


Here’s what to expect at this year’s show:


A Stellar Lineup of Stoner Comedy


Every year, Legalized features a host of comedians and cannabis advocates, and this year is no different. Headlining this year will be Bryan O’Gorman, comedy veteran and huge stoner. He’s got numerous accolades under his belt, including routines on Just For Laughs, CBC, and The Comedy Network. Known for his absurd sense of humour and tendency to push the envelope, he’ll definitely make this year’s show one to remember.


Also performing will be established acts Danish Anwar and Christophe Davidson, among many other hilarious performers. You’ll be sure to laugh your ass off, so why not set yourself up for success in that department? Bring our sativa-dominant strain Candyland along with you! The euphoric-yet-relaxing feel it provides will have you appreciating the humour on a whole different level.


Gifts and Prizes to Add to Your Stash


Are you the type of person that tends to forget stuff at home? Like your rolling papers? Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The kind folks over at Cannabis Comedy Festival are known for giving out goodie bags to showgoers. At the last show I went to, they gave out free hemp wraps and other loot to everyone that showed up.


On top of that, CCF will be handing out prizes to a few lucky contestants. They likely won’t be giving away any actual weed though, so don’t get your hopes up. Fortunately, Chronic Haze is here to help with that; our wide selection of cannabis flower is sure to have something perfectly suited to your tastes. Try pairing that hemp wrap with our Pink Kush! Its earthy aroma and woody flavour will match well with a smooth hemp wrap.


A Fully Cannabis-Friendly Event


As you might expect, this event is fully 420-friendly. Despite all the amazing acts you’ll see, weed is the real star of the show here. Everyone will be stoned out of their mind, so hold nothing back. And don’t be shy either! Events like these are a great way to meet other cannabis enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the community.


Still feeling nervous about being around a bunch of new people? We’ve got just the thing for you: a High Voltage Extract Sauce Cartridge, specifically of the indica variety. You’ll get a nice, relaxing high while still having full control over your dose level. You’ll blend right in!



So will you be going to the show? Even if you don’t, there are always tons of cannabis-related events happening in the city, so keep your eyes peeled! We at Chronic Haze want to keep you fully prepared for those events with our vast array of amazing cannabis products. If you’re looking for the best deals on the best bud, check out our selection today!

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