It’s time to add another country to the brotherhood; cannabis legalization in Germany is underway.


It wouldn’t be surprising if you had no idea cannabis legalization in Germany was even a thing. The country is far from the first place you’d associate with cannabis culture. Despite this, the government of Germany is well on its way to introducing recreational cannabis in the country. Today, Chronic Haze examines and discusses cannabis legalization in Germany, and the strategy German officials plan to employ.


Germany’s Cannabis Act



On July 5, Germany’s Ministry of Health unveiled the draft bill for the country’s Cannabis Act. The first pillar of this two-pillar model will allow German citizens aged 18 and older to use cannabis for personal use and grow it in their own homes. Citizens will be able to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis and grow up to three plants at once.


The second pillar allows for the establishment of cannabis growers’ associations, which will function similarly to the cannabis social clubs in Spain and Malta. These organizations can accept up to 500 members, through which members can receive 25 grams of cannabis per day or 50 grams per month. Members can also receive up to seven seeds or five cuttings per month. Consumption of cannabis is prohibited on or near the premises of these associations, who are also unable to partake in sponsorships and advertising, particularly when targeted at under 21-year-olds.


Of course, certain restrictions are still in place. Consumption of cannabis in the presence of minors remains illegal, as well as near schools, playgrounds, sports facilities, and certain pedestrian zones between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM.


Germany’s Plan



The two-pillar model is the crux of Germany’s plan for cannabis legalization. The goal of this model is to introduce controlled distribution of recreational cannabis for adults while keeping it out of the hands of children and youth. The government of Germany plans to evaluate the social impact of this framework after two years, and again after four years.


The implementation of cannabis growers’ clubs is actually a scaled-back version of Germany’s prior plan to introduce dedicated cannabis shops. This decision came after months of discussion by German officials and is stated to be more in line with Germany’s goals for cannabis legalization.


Despite being allowed in medical contexts for many years now, recreational cannabis has long been illegal in Germany. Cannabis laws have not necessarily always been enforced in Germany, with actual usage not falling under these laws. Given the over 4 million German adults estimated to have been using cannabis in 2022, the move to legalize cannabis is a practical one. Hopefully, more countries around the world can join Germany and allow people to experience the benefits of cannabis.


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