There are multiple ways to consume cannabis and dabbing has quickly become one of the most popular methods of consuming weed among users. It offers a potent high and a flavour-packed experience. It’s commonly known as shatters, wax, amber, honeycomb or terp sauce. Here at Chronic Haze, we offer a variety of shatters with same-day delivery in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville and Milton. We also offer curbside pickup. Our online dispensary also offers mail order across Canada. 

What is Dabbing? 

Smoking dabs has been around for years and has recently evolved to a new method of extraction that is more advanced which has contributed to its rise in popularity. Dabbing is consuming concentrated cannabis oil by dropping small amounts on a hot surface and allowing it to vaporize and the user then inhales it. The concentrated process is produced by using a solvent like butane oil or carbon dioxide to extract the oils from the cannabis plant. Butane is poured butane over marijuana, which allows the THC within the cannabis plant to be extracted and dissolve into a butane. The butane and THC solution is then pressed through a filter and what remains is a gummy, sticky product high in THC. The average dab potency is about 60-99% THC. Compare this to traditional cannabis with an average potency of 10-15% THC. At a minimum, dabs are four times stronger than a joint. This potency allows users to feel an intense high all at once rather than a gradual build-up. It is the fastest and most effective way to get stoned. 

How Dabbing Works

Marijuana is commonly consumed through smoking joints and occasionally through vape pens, dabs are heated to extremely high heat (around 350°F to 400°F) and then inhaled. There are multiple different ways to consume dabs like dropping it in a bowl, rolling it in a joint, vaping it etc. However, there is a specifically designed bong called an oil rig that is used for consumption. The basic equipment needed for new dabbers is the nail attachment and a handheld blow torch, which you can reuse to perfect your crème brûlée. It may seem inherently dangerous to aim a mini flamethrower at a glass nail, but you’ll be fine as long as you take safety measures. The demand for torch-less methods of dabbing has created the need for electronic nails that eliminate the necessity of a torch and offer precise temperature control for users.

Chronic Haze Pick: High Voltage Extract Terp Sauce

What are the Benefits of Dabbing?

There are several benefits to dabbing. One of them is the delivery method. Kind of like us with our same-day weed delivery, the effects of dabbing are quick and powerful. Cannabis extracts that have been correctly produced offer dabbers with a clean, authentic product that is easier on the lungs because it delivers the essential cannabinoids and terps without unwanted material, according to Healthline. Marijuana users dealing with chronic pain or extreme nausea can relieve certain symptoms faster with dabbing due to its high content of THC. It helps relieve pain from conditions similar, but not limited to arthritis, fibromyalgia, and recurring migraines. Sound like you? Don’t hesitate to check our online dispensary, where we deliver Canada-wide. Keep in mind, it may be unlikely that you find a doctor that recommends dabbing as the first course of action. Like many things with marijuana, there isn’t much research, but the research that is there is extremely promising. 

How Long Do Dabs Stay in Your System? 

Regardless of how you consume marijuana, including smoking flower, ingesting edibles, or dabbing, the method of consumption will likely affect how long THC stays in your system. It can take up to four weeks or longer for your body to fully metabolize THC and it does not show up on a urine test. The precise time it takes to detect THC leaving your body to not set off any alarms on a drug test depends on a few factors:

  1. How often you consume THC, whether dabbing, smoking flower, or consuming edibles
  2. How much THC you consume
  3. How fast your metabolism is

Same-day Weed Delivery, Curbside Pickup, and Weed Order Canada-wide 

You may be wondering, “Is there a Dispensary near me?” Of course there is! Order with Chronic Haze today for same day weed delivery in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville or Milton. We also offer curbside pickup in Mississauga.

Not within the service boundaries? Try ordering weed online as we ship Canada-wide, which typically takes 2-3 business days. Experience our service today!

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