Does cannabis enhance your creativity? It’s an age-old stereotype, albeit one that cannabis users aren’t typically offended by. But is there any substance to it?


From Steve Jobs to The Beatles, creative people have long expressed their love of the herb. Celebrities aside, cannabis users tend to be more creative than most. Ask any user, and they’ll probably tell you about their musical project or side gig as a photographer.


It’s pretty unsurprising, though. Cannabis is a psychoactive substance, so it’s no coincidence that users might experience a burst of inspiration while under its effects. But what’s the source of the correlation here? Does cannabis make people creative? Or do creative people just happen to like cannabis?


Today we’ll examine the relationship between cannabis and creativity: the facts, the myths, and how you can reap the benefits yourself. Read on!


Does It Really Work?



Here’s the thing: experts still aren’t sure whether cannabis makes people creative or if creative people are drawn to cannabis. However, experts do agree that there is indeed a correlation between cannabis and creativity. And we’ve got the science to prove it.


In 2012, a study was conducted in Brisbane to observe the effects of cannabis on divergent thinking, a common measurement of creativity. Researchers organized participants into either a high-creativity group or a low-creativity group, then tested both groups on word association.


The results were interesting. After a week of cannabis use, the scores of the low-creativity group increased to those of the high-creativity group. The researchers concluded that “acute cannabis use increases divergent thinking” by helping subjects string together seemingly unrelated concepts.


Need more proof? In a 2014 study conducted in the Netherlands, researchers tested the effects of cannabis on divergent thinking by asking participants to invent new uses for various household items. Out of three groups (low dose, high dose, and placebo), the low dose group outperformed in almost all metrics, particularly when measuring for originality.


So what does this mean for the relationship between cannabis and creativity? It seems that cannabis increases people’s ability to think creatively, and this benefit is most noticeable in people that don’t typically exhibit creativity. Additionally, while high doses can impair creativity, low doses can provide significant improvement.


So How Can I Benefit From This?



As these experiments have demonstrated, getting super stoned will probably limit you from fully accessing your imagination. But a more modest dosage will help you make certain mental connections that the average person wouldn’t happen upon. As always, moderation is best.


So what types of products should you use to maximize your creativity? Conventional wisdom would say a sativa or sativa-dominant strain, like the widely-used Durban Poison, which summons a flood of creativity and energy in the minds of its users.


Also, as previously stated, getting super stoned will probably stifle your creative output. So unless you’re a longtime user, doing a dab before resuming your work as a freelance filmmaker is a pretty impractical move. But that doesn’t mean concentrates are completely off the table. Taking a few hits from a sativa cartridge, like the Live Resin Disposable Vape by Pegasus420, is a convenient and effective way to control your dosage as you undertake your creative endeavours.


Lastly, it’s important to remember that getting high won’t turn you into an artist overnight, especially if you never had any interest to begin with. Similarly, even if you are a creative individual, you probably won’t come up with a mind-blowing idea just because you got high.


Remember, cannabis is best applied as a tool. Don’t force inspiration. Just follow your instincts and moderate yourself; your best ideas should come to you.


Wanna Learn More?


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Also, ever wondered how and why cannabis causes people to feel relaxed? Luckily for you, we’ve got a blog on that! Check it out here!



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