Scientists have been studying the relationship between cannabis and sleep for quite some time. Many users claim that cannabis can help with sleep.


However, there is still much we don’t know about the topic. On top of that, different users offer varying experiences with using cannabis to get to sleep.


So what’s the story here? Does cannabis actually work as a sleep aid? Today we’ll delve into the facts surrounding cannabis and sleep. Keep those eyes open, you’re gonna want to read this.


Note: This information is intended for educational purposes and should not be taken in place of medical advice. If you’re looking to use cannabis for sleep or other health issues, be sure to consult a healthcare professional.


Does Cannabis Work as a Sleep Aid?



When it comes to cannabis and sleep, there isn’t a clear answer on what works best for everyone. Factors like health, tolerance, and underlying conditions may influence one’s experience. However, certain bits of key information have come to light.


Here’s something that’ll surprise you. Despite its reputation for stimulant-like effects, THC is touted as a sleep aid! Reportedly, THC reduces the amount of time spent in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep is when a sleeping person experiences dreams.


The theory goes that, the less time spent in REM sleep, the deeper and more restorative sleep one will have. And while REM sleep is still important for immune function, the ability of THC to provide better sleep can’t be ignored. Here’s the catch, though: lower doses of THC are reported to work as a sedative, enabling better sleep. High doses tend to be counterproductive.


And as for CBD? Shockingly, it was stated as either having little effect or an antithetical effect on sleep. While CBD is known for having muscle-relaxing properties, it also has alerting effects that can counteract the sedating effects of THC. However, these effects are minuscule. The main difference is that CBD doesn’t enable sleep the same way as THC. It is still recommended for those with sleeplessness due to anxiety or bodily tension.


How to Use Cannabis as a Sleep Aid



As stated in the above section, there isn’t a definitive answer on how to use cannabis to sleep. Given the variation in testimonials, the technique will vary from person to person. As many sources claim that THC works as a sleep aid, you’ll want to use a product that contains THC. At the same time, you don’t want so much THC that it keeps you awake.


What do the experts say? Cannabis physicians say an indica is best, and preferably something under 20% THC. Something like Juggernaut, an indica-leaning strain with a 19.2% THC level. They also suggest consuming your product about an hour before bedtime.


Another method worth trying is with a cartridge. Specifically an indica, like this King Louis XIII cart by Pegasus420. It has all the advantages of an indica while delivering pure THC to your restless mind. It also allows for an effective method of dosing. You can puff just what you need as you hit the hay.


And if you’re someone who doesn’t react well to THC? CBD might help. Again, it doesn’t sedate the same way as THC, but it’s worth a shot. A few drops of a tincture, like this one by CBD2HEAL, would be a good way to test the waters.





So does cannabis work as a sleep aid? It looks like the answer is yes, but with some caveats. Namely, it works best with an indica shortly before bed. And as it turns out, THC is usually better for sleep than CBD. But as previously stated, things differ from person to person. What helps you get to sleep might not work for someone else.


What’s most important is finding out the cause behind your sleep issues. Cannabis does offer a relatively effective means of encouraging better sleep, and may even highlight your reason for requiring it in the first place. However, it can only help so much. Ultimately, you must tackle the root cause behind your sleeplessness in order to remedy it altogether.


Until next time, sweet dreams!


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