Ever wondered how to grow cannabis? Today we’ll show you how!


The legalization of cannabis in Canada has made it easier than ever to get your hands on cannabis. One of the things that came with legalization is that now you can grow your own cannabis: in Ontario, you’re legally allowed to grow up to four plants in your own home.


Here at Chronic Haze, we pride ourselves on our amazing cannabis products. We carry strains that won’t be found anywhere else. These include a number of craft cannabis strains that have been carefully bred for selected traits that make them superior to your average bud.


That said, as easy as it is to score some good bud from a dispensary, there’s no feeling like smoking flower you grew yourself. That’s why we’re bringing you a special blog post today: how to grow cannabis at home. Grab your gardening tools, and let’s get started.



Things to Consider



Growing your own cannabis might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Anyone can grow cannabis with regular means. You don’t necessarily need a hydroponic grow op like Ricky uses on Trailer Park Boys. However, there are still some things you should remember before getting started.


Remember, cannabis is a plant like any other. It requires utmost care to bring the best out of your plants. With that in mind, you’ll want to choose an optimal environment to grow our crop.


Water and sunlight (or a grow light) are essential to the survival and fruition of your bud, but it’s important to get the amounts right. Cannabis needs approximately six hours of sunlight a day (or 12-18 hours of indoor light), and too much light means you’ll need more water to prevent your plants from drying out.


If you’re growing your plants outside, you should know that cannabis is a warm-season plant. It typically dies in the winter and re-grows in the spring, preferring moderate levels of humidity. As such, you’ll want to factor that into the time of year you start growing. As long as that’s accounted for, you can pretty much grow your cannabis anywhere if you have space for it.


If you’re growing inside, you’ve got a lot more control over the situation. Here’s where you can use hydroponics or other soil-less mediums. It can get expensive with all the tools you might use, but the product typically ends up much better 


Also, consider the nutrients you can implement. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium are some of the most beneficial compounds for your bud, assisting in photosynthesis, metabolism, and immune function among other uses.



What to Expect



If you’re growing cannabis, you should know what happens at each stage. At first, your plants will be in their seed stage. Following germination, they’ll enter the seedling stage.


The seedling stage is followed by the vegetative stage. This stage is characterized by a stalk with branches and leaves, but no buds. This stage is the longest of the process.


After about 8-12, your plants will enter the flowering stage. At this point, you’ll finally start to see some of those magical buds. But it’s not time to harvest yet! Your plants still need a couple of months before they’re ready.


Altogether, it takes approximately 10 to 32 weeks for it to mature to the point of harvesting. This is when you trim the plants, and dry and cure the buds. After this, your cannabis is ready to be used in whatever form you want.



Wanna Learn More?


While you’re still waiting for your home-grown stuff to be ready, stop by the Chronic Haze online store! We’ve got great cannabis products for you to try, including some top-of-the-line craft strains that’ll blow your mind. We also do same-day delivery and curbside pickup in select Ontario cities.


Not within our main delivery zones? Not to worry! We also do nationwide delivery all across Canada! If you’re looking to buy cannabis online, make an account with us and experience the difference today!


Also, if you’re interested in enhancing other aspects of your cannabis usage, check out this blog post on the benefits of a dry herb vape!






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