Today, Chronic Haze is here with another lesson: how to roll a cross joint!


Joint rolling is something of an art. There’s something about a nicely rolled, aesthetically-pleasing joint that just makes smoking it all the more enjoyable. And while regular ol’ joints fit into this category, there are some joints that go above and beyond in their form.


You’ve surely heard of them before, but for the uninitiated, cross joints are shaped like, well, a cross. These joints can be challenging to roll, and even more challenging to roll into a smokable form, but are super satisfying if you get it right. Today, we’ll give you a step-by-step process on how to properly roll a cross joint. Grab a pen and paper, you’re gonna wanna take some notes.


What You’ll Need:



Before you start crafting your masterpiece, you’ll need some things:


  • Approximately 1g of flower, like our new White Bubba
  • Rolling papers
  • A filter
  • A thin object, like a pin or a nail


Once you’ve got all that ready, you’re ready to begin.


Step 1: Roll a Big Joint


Before you roll that cross joint, you’ll first have to roll a regular joint. And make it a big one. It’s gonna have to be a particularly fat joint if you wanna turn it into a cross joint. Put roughly two-thirds of your flower into this joint, and roll it pretty wide.


Step 2: Roll a Smaller Joint


That’s right, we’re rolling another one. With the remainder of your flower, roll a thinner joint. When held perpendicularly to the other joint, it should be thin enough that you could theoretically feed it through. Speaking of which, that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. But first…


Step 3: Poke a Hole Through the Bigger Joint


Using your tin object of choice, carefully poke a hole through the upper half of the larger joint. This is where the other joint is going to fit, so make sure it’s high up while still leaving space to form that “cross” shape. Once the object has fully penetrated the joint, gently swivel it around to widen the hole.


Step 4: Feed the Smaller Joint Through the Hole


You’re almost there! Take the thinner joint and very carefully pull it through the bigger joint. You definitely want to use caution here, lest you accidentally tear a joint and ruin all your progress. Once it forms a cross shape, you’ll know you did it right.


Step 5: Tape the Joints Together


Finally, rip the glue off of a couple of spare rolling papers. Wrap them diagonally around the area at which the joints intersect, and give it a little saliva to seal it.




And, there you have it. If you’ve followed all the above steps correctly, your cross joint should be ready to go. You may have heard that you need multiple people to light a cross joint, so that all sides are lit at the same time. This isn’t totally necessary, but that said, cross joints are a nice way of getting some friends together for a sesh. And given the size of the joint, you may want some help with it. Call up some homies and show off your handiwork. You’ve earned the bragging rights.


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