When you recall your first time smoking weed, we’re willing to bet the memory includes a visual of a less experienced and younger version of yourself pinching a joint between your thumb and index finger. Whether it’s That 70’s Show, a Seth Rogan movie, or your own personal memories, joints are an iconic and breezy way to enjoy weed. Knowing how to roll a joint makes enjoying dried flower weed easy, whether at home or on-the-go. For this reason, we believe that every marijuana smoker should learn to roll a joint – and if you’ve tried and ended up frustrated one-too-many times: you can order some of our pre-rolls online instead!

Before you start rolling a joint, make sure your rolling station has everything you need by ordering your weed and accessories online first – if you’re on a time-pinch, we offer same-day weed delivery in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Milton and Oakville.


Here are the basics we recommend you keep on hand for rolling joints: 

  • At least a gram of dried flower weed 
  • A grinder: if you don’t already have one, we recommend our zinc alloy grinders. For a lighter option, we also offer plastic grinders
  • Rolling papers: we prefer and always recommend RAW rolling paper
  • Filters/tips: we love these RAW tips because they streamline the process and help produce a nice joint. In a pinch, you can also use a piece of a business card or card stock. 
  • A poker: this can be a pen, your keys, or glasses, etc. Anything that can fit into your joint to help you compact the weed for a smoother smoke. 

And for the moment of truth: a lighter


Once you have everything you’ll need, follow each of these steps to master how to roll a joint: 

1. Grind your weed: Using a high quality grinder (like our zinc alloy 4 layer grinder) will ensure a consistent texture that will burn evenly.


#Tip: To get the best grind, don’t fill your grinder too much or the flower will stick to the grinder and produce a less consistent texture. 

2. (Optional) Prepare your filter/tip: Our team at Chronic Haze is on #teamfilter – not only does it make smoking more enjoyable, using a filter also makes getting the right shape when you roll your joint easier too. 

We like to keep filter tips on hand to make the joint rolling process as smooth and easy as possible. If you’re not a religious filter-user, a small rectangle ripped off a business card or card stock will do the trick. 

#tip: to prevent your filter from changing shapes as you smoke, prepare your filter by folding it into a W or S shape before curling the rest of the filter around in a spiral. 

3. Fill your pape/joint with weed: 

    1. Prepare by setting up your rolling paper with the adhesive strip facing upward – keep this edge away from you so that you can roll towards it later with your thumbs. 
    2. Hold the rolling paper with a curve length-wise. (Optional) If you are using a filter, the filter will help you keep your rolling paper curved. 
    3. Start filling your joint using the weed that you grinded. 

4. “Roll” your joint: This is the step that rolling a joint is named after! To get your weed evenly packed and into the shape of a joint, you’ll be using a “back and forth” rolling action – #tip: use your index finger and thumb to get an easy rolling action going. This will compact your weed to create an even smoking experience, and it will help you form that iconic cone-like joint shape.

5. Finishing touches: A tight tuck and seal can make or break your joint – this is where you “land” your routine! 

    1. Start by tucking the side closest to you into the roll (the side without glue)
    2. Roll it up nice and tight but don’t crush or shift the shape of your joint 
    3. Moisten/lick the adhesive and seal from edge to edge
    4. Using your poker, compact your weed if needed
    5. Finish your joint by “spiralling” the open end


If this was your first joint, know that practice makes perfect! You might end up with a joint that doesn’t smoke well because the weed isn’t packed tight enough, or you might find that the shape is straight versus cone-line. Over-time, the process will feel less awkward and slow and your joints will start to shape out! 

For anyone who’s given up on learning this skill, you can always phone a friend or order our pre-rolled king sized joints. And if you’re hooked on perfecting your joint and want a bigger challenge: there are countless creative ways to roll joints, like the cross joint – #funfact: Seth Rogan rolls all of the cross joints in his movies! 

Now that you’re on your way to perfecting how to roll a joint, you might want to explore some fun things to do while high – check out our blog post where we list things you can do solo and with friends when taking edibles or smoking weed! 




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