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What are Filter Tips and Why Use Them

A filter tip is a small piece of rolled-up card stock that creates the mouthpiece at one end of your joint. The crutch can be cut from an index card or a business card and is usually around 1 x 2″. This small piece of card stock is rolled into a filter and rolled inside the rolling paper, which creates a crutch end of the joint.

Adds Structure to Rolling Paper

A crutch will make the joint sturdier and keep it open on one end. Without a crutch, your joint can close on itself or get squished, which will restrict the airflow and prevent a smooth draw. The crutch also adds to the structure of the rolled joint. Using a rolling tip with quality rolling papers is the first step to rolling the perfect joint.

Safety Feature

The rolling tip acts as a safety feature by providing some distance between the burning tip of the joint and your fingers and mouth. Without a rolling tip, you run the risk of burnt fingers. Rolling tips also allow you to waste less of your favourite flower!


The crutch also stops you from sucking particles through the joint and into your mouth, ruining the experience. Overall, using a rolling tip makes for a good joint. While it is not essential, choosing to do away with the crutch can lead to a less than desirable smoking experience.

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