Shatter Bar 1200mg

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What is it?

Shatter Bars are cannabis-infused chocolate bars that are designed to suit all of your edible needs.

Each Shatter Bar has 24 squares to ensure correct dosages for every consumer. They also come in a variety of flavours and strengths, which is awesome as you’ll be able to choose which flavour hits the taste buds, along with dosage to achieve an optimal high for you.

Sativa Shatter Bars

Crafted with premium Belgian chocolate, the sativa bars remains a popular choice for many individuals who want to enjoy a soothing, euphoric head high.

Indica Shatter Bars

For those who rather relax on the couch, or those who have difficulty sleeping at night, these bad boys should definitely be your edible of choice.

Hot Product Alert

Don’t forget about the shatter chews! These chews are a new addition to the brand. They come in 60mg or 240mg doses, so enjoy responsibily!

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