Today, the Chronic Haze team is proud to bring your attention to an item you may not have tried yet: Mary’s THC Vape Cartridges.

Mary’s is a company from the west coast that is known for producing top-shelf edibles. While I had heard good things about their edibles, I had never tried their carts before. Naturally, I was compelled to try, so I took some time to really acquaint myself with this cartridge.

Mary’s THC Vape Cartridges use 100% D9 distillate extracted from organic single-strain cannabis. This makes for a very pure experience that lets you get the best out of your preferred strain. Mary’s prides itself on delivering carts containing no additives, while still containing a surprising level of terpenes. For this reason alone, Mary’s cartridges stand out from some of the other distillate carts you may have tried.

But that’s enough of an introduction. Let’s take a closer look at this cartridge.


First Impressions:

The cart we’re focusing on today is the Wedding Cake Hybrid cartridge. This was extracted from the strain of the same name and is a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Both strains are indica-leaning, typically producing a strong body high, so I went into the experience knowing what to expect. Thankfully, Mary’s was still able to leave a lasting impression on me with this product.

The first thing that’s noticeable about this cart is the sweet of vanilla, with sour notes typical of fruitier strains. Pleasantly aromatic, while not too intense. This is undoubtedly a trait that comes from Cherry Pie, one of the parent strains.

Upon taking a hit, the vapour comes through with a fresh and tart berry flavour that’s inherent to the Wedding Cake flower. It’s followed by a rich sweetness that comes from the other parent strain, Girl Scout Cookies.



After just a few hits, the cart began to work its magic. As someone with chronic pain (and who hadn’t gotten high all day), I experienced the relaxing effects of this cart in full force. The tension in my body began to dissipate as I felt the effects of vasodilation take place.

For those who don’t know, cannabinoids cause vasodilation in the body. This means that they relax the walls of your veins and cause blood vessels to widen. This results in increased blood flow, the delivery of more oxygen throughout the body, and a decrease in blood pressure.

Coming from a strain that’s a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, this cart also has excellent mental effects. My worries faded away as I enjoyed the smooth hits this cart had to offer. This mild euphoria mixed perfectly with the feeling of total physical relaxation, creating a sense of bliss that washed over me completely.



Overall, I found myself very impressed and pleasantly surprised by the power of this cartridge. It’s a highly-effective stress reliever that deserves to have a name up there with other reputable cartridge brands. It’s one that I will definitely be turning to in the future, and I highly recommend it to those who are looking to experience the physical benefits of cannabis.



Remember, you can find this cart and others like it at Chronic Haze. We offer same-day delivery and curbside pickup in a number of Ontario locations, and we’re working to bring you new and exciting cannabis products. If you’re interested in this cartridge or others like it, check out our selection for more info!



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