The beautiful thing about cannabis is the wide variety of cannabis products available accompanied by the method in which it can be consumed. You can smoke it, eat it, and even apply it topically — cannabis is a playground and we’re here to help you play in it.

Maybe you’ve been smoking cannabis in its flower form for some time and now you’re feeling adventurous. Curious about diving into a whole new world of concentrates? For all your burning questions about how it’s different from smoking flower, the types of concentrates available, or how to consume concentrates, we’ve got you covered.

What are Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of forms and are sometimes referred to as dabs, oil, or shatter. If you’re assuming they’re a concentrated form of marijuana, you’re smart AF. Long story short, it goes through an extraction process that leaves you with the best of the goods and the result? Higher potency.

The process of extraction basically keeps all the cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis flowers and ditches the excess plant material. Cannabinoids and terpenes are basically the yin and yang of cannabis and they are what gives us the aroma, flavour and effects that we love so much. The two most famous compounds found in marijuana are THC and CBD and if you’re interested in a more in-depth look, make sure you check out our post on The Basics: Cannabinoids 101.

How do you Consume Concentrates?

The wonderful thing about concentrates is that you can experience the best parts of cannabis in so many different ways — all the textures, all the methods. Even though it is commonly consumed as “dabbing” aka dabs, the concentrate experience can be accomplished through vape pens, tinctures, topicals, edibles and more.

At Chronic Haze, we offer a variety of concentrates for you to choose from. Let’s take a look and determine which concentrate will catapult you to higher ground.

THC Cartridges

THC cartridges have becoming an increasingly popular method of smoking cannabis. You’ll very often see many consumers resorting to this method due to a variety of reasons such as discreteness, convenience, and ease of use.

How to consume: Vaped using a 510 threaded battery pen.

Check out our cartridges here.


If you’ve laid eyes on shatter, you’ll understand that it gets its name from its glass-like consistency which shatters into little pieces when broken apart. It’s generally amber in colour and is known as one of the purest forms of concentrated marijuana. If you’re looking to also shatter yourself into oblivion for a hard-hitting high, shatter’s calling your name.

How to consume: Smoke it. Add it to a joint or cigarette, from a vape pen, with a rig, or with a dabbing tool.

Check out our shatter products here.

Same Day Weed Delivery, Curbside Pickup, or Mail Order Canada Wide

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of concentrates, make sure to visit Chronic Haze to shop for all your concentrates!

You may be wondering, “Is there a Dispensary near me?” Of course there is! Order with Chronic Haze today for same day weed delivery in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville or Milton. We also offer curbside pickup in Mississauga.

Not within the service boundaries? Try ordering weed online as we ship Canada-wide, which typically takes 2-3 business days. Experience our service today!

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