Cannabis culture is filled with particularities. People can be very particular about where they get weed delivery (as they should be), the strains they’ll reach for depending on their moods and they can be especially particular about how exactly they consume their weed. It’s all part of the experience, the ritual – and there’s nothing better than getting your weekly premium THC delivery and figuring out whether to bust out the bong or apple. Read on for some insight on the three main methods for consuming cannabis.

Smoking Your Cannabis

We know that when you inhale cannabis, the cannabinoids (i.e., THC) enter the bloodstream directly through the lungs. The THC goes through a metabolic process which instead of passing through the stomach and then liver, goes straight to the brain.

Smoking cannabis is probably the most universally familiar method of consuming cannabis but the practice has come a long way since the advent of pipe and paper. See below for a breakdown of various inhalation methods.

  • Bongs: can be made out of glass, plastic, ceramic and construction can get pretty complex. With bongs, the bud burned in the bowl combusts and is filtered through the water and allows for a cool, long and smooth toke.
  • Pipes: petite AND discreet, hand pipes are simple to use and extremely portable. With hand pipes, the smoke burns in the bowl, gets trapped in the pipe and is then inhaled by the user.
  • Vapes: vaporizers heat the bud to a temperature that is hot enough to extract THC, CBD and other cannabinoids but not hot enough to also release the potential harmful toxins that come with lighting up.
  • Apple: Definitely a novelty but a tasty alternative to the hand pipe when you’re in a pinch. The apple has a natural bowl (just twist off the stem), so poke a hole through the bowl and go about halfway through the apple to create the air chamber, then make your mouthpiece by poking another hole on the face of the apple connecting the mouthpiece chamber with the bowl chamber. Load the apple bowl with the strain of your choice and inhale like you would with any other pipe.

Eating Your Cannabis

When it comes to orally consuming cannabis, we know that the THC is processed in the gastrointestinal system and then metabolized by the liver. There, the THC is converted to a 11-hydroxy-THC metabolite (small molecule) which crosses the blood-brain barrier giving you a more intense high. Some of our favourite oral methods include:

  • Edibles: baked goods, cannabutter, chocolates, we’ll take em all! We break down the basics in our Edibles 101 post but just like how types of delicious edibles vary, so do their doses so remember to start low and go slow. Some Chronic Haze favourites include the Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars or the Buudabomb gummies.
  • Tinctures: with tinctures, a dropper administers the oil under the tongue which is a prime area for quick absorption of substances into the bloodstream. We like the CBD2Heal or CBD Magic Tinctures, specifically the 1000mg ones!

Topically Applying Your Cannabis

Cannabis infused topicals can take the form of salves, lotions, balms and oils and unlike the previous two delivery methods, are primarily used for targeted relief from pain, soreness and inflammation. Cannabis infused topicals work when they are absorbed by the body and bind onto cannabinoid receptors – chemical compounds that regulate a variety of human functions i.e., sleep, mood, memory, pain sensation. Topicals are the perfect middle ground for those individuals who want a natural alternative to pain management with all the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the intoxicating, mind altering effects associated with inhalation and oral delivery methods. 

Test it Out

New methods of cannabis consumption are revolutionizing the way people approach and perceive cannabis. There’s no such thing as a one size fits all consumption method, so experimenting with all the different ways to consume cannabis is pretty critical to determining the optimum cannabis experience for you.

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