Rolling Tips or joint filter has become the industry norm in the cannabis rolling world. Why? We’ll explain that shortly in this article. We’ll focus on the benefits of rolling tips and how it will provide better structure to your joint. How rolling tips can come in pre-cut and even pre-rolled version which can save you a lot of time. Let’s say the art of rolling a joint ain’t that easy – it takes practise. Once you’re done reading this short blog, you’ll be well on your way to rolling the perfect joint with your buds.

What is a Joint Filter or Tips?

A filter tip is a small piece of paper rolled up that creates a mouthpiece at the beginning of the joint. The tip can be torn or cut from an index card or a business card (something thicker then regular paper) that is usually around a 1-1.5cm in length. You can also buy pre cut tips ready to go. This small piece of paper is rolled into what we a call, a filter. Usually the inside of this filter is folded a couple times to create a “W” (double u) pattern then rolled into a tip. 

Tips adds Spliff/Joint Structure

The tip will enhance the structure of the spliff/joint by making it sturdier. Without a tip on one end of the spliff, your spliff will be loose on one end. This can cause the joint to close on itself or get squished, which will restrict airflow and prevent a smooth draw from the joint. Rolling the paper around the spliff makes it easier to create a cone which overall will make your spliff looking nicer and better. 

Safety When You Need It

What else can a rolling tip do? It can provide you safety. How you might ask? By providing a decent distance between the burning of the tip and your finders. Without a rolling tip, you can risk the burning your fingers and even your mouth. Thus maximizing your favourite cannabis herb right till the very end!

Filtering the bad

The tip also helps prevent small particles flowing through the joint when toking.


Buy Rolling RAW Tips Online at Chronic Haze

Overall, using a rolling tip makes for a good joint. While it is not essential, choosing to do away with the crutch can lead to a less than desirable smoking experience. Here at Chronic Haze we have all the necessary accessories you need for your cannabis products. As for our tips, we carry the best – RAW tips. So if you’re looking for same-day weed delivery and or curb-side cannabis pickup in Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Etobicoke and or Brampton. Not within our local boundaries? Don’t worry we offer Canada-wide shipping for all your cannabis needs!

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