Today we’ll give you some ideas about what to use cannabutter in!


One of the best ways to consume cannabis is with edibles. These days, getting your hands on some ready-made edibles is easy. You can find a slew of delicious edibles available on the Chronic Haze website.


Of course, it’s tons of fun to make your own edibles. You get to decide exactly what type of edible you eat, and you can make it as simple or as complex as you’d like!


Most people end up doing the same thing, like cookies or brownies. The reality is that you can use your cannabutter in almost anything. If you’re interested in making your own edibles but want to try something a little different, here are three ways to put your cannabutter to good use.


What is Cannabutter?



Cannabutter, or cannabis butter, is exactly what it sounds like: weed butter! Cannabis compounds are what are called lipophiles – they’re fat-soluble. This means they must be dissolved in fats in order to become bioavailable. This means that, unlike smoking or vaping where it travels directly from your lungs to your bloodstream, edible cannabis requires the presence of fats in order to be effective.


Butter is a useful ingredient to infuse with cannabis, as it is a fat that can be cooked or baked into a variety of different foods. However, other options are available. Animal fats tend to work better than plant fats, with the exception of coconut oil.


However, it’s not enough to just bake cannabis and butter into your foods. You first need to decarboxylate your cannabis. After this, your cannabutter is ready for use. We’ve got a blog on the process right here.


Three Uses for Your Cannabutter



Of course, pot brownies are a staple in the stoner catalogue. We wouldn’t want to speak poorly about them. That said, they’re basically a go-to for anyone who’s ever made cannabutter. If you’re looking to try something new, consider the following ideas before your next edible sesh.




This is an old favourite of mine; I made them with a friend back in university. As a breakfast item, infused pancakes make for an amazing wake-and-bake. They also go well alongside anything else you’d have for breakfast.


The best part about this idea is its ease and applicability. You can make your mix from scratch or just use a box mix. Either way, the added cannabutter will have you feeling like you’re eating breakfast on Mars.




This one’s even easier. Whatever type of pasta you’re having, drop in as little as a tablespoon of cannabutter into your sauce as it’s simmering. Then, drizzle it over your pasta and mix it in. Poof, weed pasta!


Again, this one is easy due to it being not much different from making regular pasta. As long as you’ve got some sauce to work with, you can mix in the cannabutter to make an infused sauce. Hell, drip it over the pasta if you like. Either way, it’ll work its magic.




This’ll make for a crazy Friday night. Here’s where to might want to use something like olive oil or coconut oil, instead of butter (but that’ll still work fine).


You’ve got some options here. If you’re making the pizza from scratch, you can simply sub out the regular olive oil for that of the infused variety. Alternatively, whether or not you make it from scratch, you can also just drizzle your infused olive oil over your pizza. While it may not seem like a lot, it actually works wonders and is a common move by cannabis chefs.


Wanna Learn More?


Whether you’re looking to make your own edibles or just need something to smoke, come to Chronic Haze! We do same-day delivery and curbside pickup in a number of Ontario locations, with top-of-the-line cannabis products that just can’t be beat,


If you’re looking to buy cannabis online, visit our store, make an account with us, and check out our selection today!


Also, since we’re on the topic, ever wondered why edibles last so long? We’ve got a blog post on that! Check it out here!

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