Ever wanted to know the best ways of getting high?


One of the best parts about weed is that there are so many ways to get high. If one method isn’t hitting the same anymore, all you’ve gotta do is switch it up.

But with so many ways to get your fix, it’s hard to know where to start. Surely some methods are better than others?


Today we’ll put the matter to rest, with our definitive Top 10 ways of getting high. Feel free to disagree.


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10. Spliffs


Like their joint brethren (which rank much higher on the list), spliffs are a classic method and one of the most convenient. For those that don’t know, spliffs and joints are cannabis cigarettes rolled up in a rolling paper. The difference is that spliffs also contain tobacco, which is exactly why it ranks lower on the list.

Look, as a former cigarette smoker, I get the appeal of spliffs. They allow you to use less weed, with the added bonus of a head rush. But tobacco is really not it, man. It just compromises the quality of your weed. You’re better off hitting some Allo Pods or another e-cigarette device.


9. Pipes


Another old favourite. Pipes are okay for solo seshes, and some novelty pipes look awesome. But aside from that, they just aren’t the most ideal way to sesh.


I’m not suggesting pipes are terrible. Every now and then when you’re by yourself, hitting a pipe with a sick design can be its own type of satisfaction. They have a really classic and dignified feel to them, and don’t require you to smoke any paper with your weed. They do tend to get dirty, though. And they are notoriously difficult to clean.


By the way, if you’re low on bud, don’t smoke the resin left over in your pipe! That’s a surefire way to hurt your lungs, and it’s gross too. Just stop by the Chronic Haze store for some more bud.


8. Blunts



For the uninitiated, blunts are cigar wraps filled with weed. They can be really nice every now and then, especially if you’re smoking Backwoods. They come in a variety of flavours and are pretty sizable, making them nice as an occasional reward. You’ll never walk away from a blunt sesh feeling like you’re not high enough.



Unfortunately, they are made of tobacco, which takes them down a notch. They also require a LOT of weed to make proper use of them. You’re definitely gonna be coughing up a lung after a blunt sesh. It’s for these reasons that we’re placing blunts at No. 8. They’re great, but they’re probably not gonna be your main method of getting high.


7. Tinctures


With the advent of legalization comes a new method of getting high: tinctures! These interesting little concoctions are great for those who don’t like smoking. They can easily be applied under the tongue or added to a drink. Many are available in the CBD variety as well. Best of all, they’re virtually tasteless!


…And that’s pretty much it. There are no real drawbacks to using tinctures. At the same time, they aren’t the most fun way of getting high. They’re pretty middle-of-the-road, which is why they take the No. 7 spot on the list.


6. Edibles



Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Edibles used to be this once-in-a-while thing you and your friend would make that would get everyone stoned into oblivion. You needed a lot of weed to make edibles (usually around a half ounce). Now they’re one of the easiest and best ways of getting high, easily purchasable in a variety of different treats. And they’re incredibly potent too!



That said, edibles last a LONG time. Unless you’re a seasoned stoner or just low-dosing it, you probably wanna set aside some time to do your edibles. This is basically why edibles are so far from the top spot. They’ve got lots of upsides, but their long duration and high potency can really knock the wind out of you.


5. Dabs


In contrast with edibles, dabs are more of a quick-and-dirty type of thing. You need very little concentrate to get high.


Dabs are typically reserved for experienced users who don’t want to spend too long getting to the high they desire. They require their own set of equipment and a little more setup than other methods, but they are good at what they do.


So why aren’t dabs higher on the list? Despite their potency, concentrates are usually missing some key cannabinoids, namely the terpenes of the cannabis flower. Terpenes are lost in the extraction process. This means that while your shatter may be getting you high as hell, it still doesn’t have as much character as the flower of the same name. Some concentrates, like Terp Sauce, get around this. But many others don’t.


Don’t get it twisted, though. Dabs are still one of the best ways to get crazy high, and they should definitely be in your repertoire. However, they fall just a bit short in terms of some of the other methods out there.


4. Dry-Herb Vapes


Okay, hear me out on this one. A lot of people are quick to cast aside dry-herb vaporizers. And it’s easy to understand why. They require quite some time to get ready, and some people say they don’t get as high as they’d like to from them. But not including a dry-herb vape in your arsenal would be a mistake.

First and foremost, dry herb vapes are among the least harmful ways to use cannabis, right behind the edible methods. Secondly, any weed you use in your vape can be re-used as ABV! This means you can use the burnt remains to make edibles of your own!


Also, not getting high from a dry-herb vape comes down to a number of factors. You may have a less reputable machine or some lower-quality bud. If you want to experience the true benefits of a dry-herb vape, grab something like Tom Ford Pink and give it another go.


3. Joints


You knew it was coming. Joints. You’ve seen ‘em. You’ve probably smoked ‘em. They’ve existed for as long as people have smoked weed, and they’re here to stay.


We’ll start by saying that smoking anything is hazardous to your health, especially with all the smokeless options available now. But there’s a reason joints haven’t gone out of fashion: they’re just so damn reliable. They’re portable, and rolling is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. You can even buy pre-rolls now. Best of all, you don’t need any fancy utensils or products. All you need are some rolling papers and some good ol’ weed.


2. Cartridges


You’re probably wondering why cartridges rank higher than both dabs and dry-herb vapes. Simply put, they’re the best of both worlds.

Quite possibly the best product to come out of legalization, dab pens combine the portability and discreetness of the dry-herb vape with the power of concentrates. Sure, they don’t always contain a lot of terps, but you’d be hasty to dismiss carts outright. They’re easily the most convenient method there is, allowing you to get high with just a push of a button.


1. Bongs


We’ve finally reached the cream of the crop. And what else could it be? Even to this day, the bong remains king. These strange devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but overall haven’t changed much over time. But why change a good thing?


Those hazy memories of your college years don’t lie; bongs pack a punch. And they use regular ol’ flower to do it, so you definitely get your terpenes. And water is an excellent filter. The only thing that can ruin your sesh is a dirty bong, and that’s on the fault of the owner.


Every stoner has a bong. And any stoner that doesn’t plans to. Even with all the new methods of getting high that exist, there’s always a time and place to rip a bowl. And that’s why it takes the No. 1 spot for the best ways of getting high.

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