Chronic Haze has you covered when it comes to your online dispensary needs, including the region of Mississauga where you can buy weed online and we’ll have it for you with same day delivery. But what happens when your weekly THC delivery arrives, you start going in on your stash, and now you have the munchies? Maybe nothing in the fridge is doing it for you and you need some inspiration. Read our list below for some of the best local restaurants to check out in Mississauga when you need something to munch on stat.

Our favourite edibles to pair with these delicious meals are Buudabomb and Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars.

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Osmow’s Shawarma 

There are a variety of shawarma options in Mississauga, but if you ask any Sauga native what their favourite shawarma joint is, the chances that Osmow’s will be listed is high. We like Osmow’s because nothing hits better than their signature dishes: chicken shawarma and chicken on the rocks. Their meat to rice/fries ratio is spot on and their famous sauce is truly something else.

Our pick: Chicken on the Rocks.

Captain’s Snooker Club

Comfort food and activities to do while high all in one place? Count us in. A staple for more than 30 years, this snooker club not only offers pool, snooker, poker, mahjong and darts, but also some great craving satisfiers. If you’ve been here before, you know that their milk tea and chicken steak fried rice is the go-to.

Our pick: Chicken Steak Fried Rice with Milk Tea

Freddy’s Kitchen

This might be your first time hearing about Freddy’s, but that’s because this one’s a gem. If you’re looking for somewhere to get some authentic jerk chicken, oxtail and beef patties, this is it. We love Freddy’s because of its tender, marinated meat and how the seasoning is perfectly coated. Get ready for a kick because they definitely won’t forget to add that extra spice.

Our pick: Jerk Chicken with Beans & Rice

Tut’s Egyptian Street Food

You may have visited or heard of their downtown Toronto location, but we’re here to tell you that it’s now closer to home than you think. You can pick yourself up a variety of Egyptian, savoury sandwiches, without having to travel the distance. Closing at 11pm on weekdays and 1am on weekends, this joint makes having late-night munchies convenient for you.

Our pick: Tut’s Plus Combo with a side of Dukka Fries

Luca Pizza

Last, but not least, we couldn’t finish this list without dropping a hot pizza joint. If you’re a pizza enthusiast and you want to support local pizzerias and care about quality ingredients, deliciously tart tomato sauce, fat pepperoni slices and perfect, not too doughy pizza crust, then hit up Luca Pizza.

Our pick: Classic Pepperoni Pizza

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