Just last week, Uber Eats announced it was teaming up with Leafly, the renowned cannabis information resource. This partnership is part of an effort on Uber Eats’ part to add cannabis to its list of delivery options in Toronto.

Both parties have come out stating that this change will keep impaired drivers off the roads. They have also stated that it will help them fight the underground market, which makes up for more than half of all nonmedical cannabis transactions.


What’s Happening


This new system promises a high level of security, relying solely on CannSell-certified workers who verify customers’ age and sobriety upon delivery. Safety seems to be the main concern here, as Uber has confirmed.

Currently, only three locations have been permitted to be listed so far: Hidden Leaf Cannabis, Minerva Cannabis, and Shivaa’s Rose. Unfortunately, customers will have to reside within the delivery radius of each location. As of writing, this partnership between Uber Eats and Leafly will effectively serve only Toronto residents who live near the eligible dispensaries.


All in all, this new system has brought a much-needed change to the Toronto cannabis industry, albeit an imperfect one. While this is a win for the industry in general, its exclusivity leaves a lot to be desired.


What Effects Will This Have?


Legalization has been a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, cannabis is much easier to acquire and the stigma of being a cannabis user is dissipating. On the other hand, the legal market’s stringent requirements have placed an onerous burden on the legacy market, as well as those trying to enter the legal market.


Furthermore, the concentration of eligible candidates within city limits will undoubtedly have effects on the industry. The technologization of cannabis transactions was certainly inevitable, as online commerce has become the norm.


However, by having only a small number of businesses eligible for delivery, customers will flock to the few and small businesses will flounder. This change, while well-meaning, has the potential to make the already-saturated cannabis market even more hostile to newcomers.


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