What time do you get high? Your answer might say a lot more than you think!


Everybody uses cannabis differently. Some people smoke for a burst of creativity and focus, while others smoke to help manage mental or physical pain. And some just smoke for the hell of it. With these differing motivations also come differing timeslots. Some prefer to get high early in the day, while some prefer it later.


What might surprise you is just how much to can tell about a person from when they prefer to get high. The time of day they choose often says a lot about why they’re getting high, what they’ve got going on, and so on. Today, Chronic Haze is putting together a little compendium of the different times of day people get high, and what each of these says about a person. Which one do you fit into?


The Wake and Baker (Early Morning)



When you see this early riser spark one up at 8 am, your first response is probably to ask if they’re okay. After all, why would anyone light up so early unless they had something serious going on? Truth be told, they’ve probably got a lot going on. But rest assured, they’ve got it under control.


The Wake and Baker’s schedule is so packed that they’re running on fumes. They’re looking for that boost to start their day, and coffee doesn’t always cut it. Morning stoners are the most likely to microdose with cannabis, hitting small amounts of a manageable sativa-dominant strain throughout the day, like Tropicana Cookies.


The Social Butterfly (Midday)



Unlike the Wake and Baker, this afternoon stoner has a little more restraint. This individual is commonly seen in cigarette smoking areas, chatting it up with strangers while enjoying their 1:00 pm sesh. They might not be as chronically stressed out as the Wake and Baker, but they’ve definitely got stuff on their plate. Nonetheless, they approach it with a little more optimism.


The Social Butterfly doesn’t need that boost in the early morning, but definitely needs a little pick-me-up as the day goes on. They’re characteristically chill, able to enjoy their midday sesh while still holding a conversation and never getting too high for their own good. If this sounds like you, you’re probably partial to hybrid strains, like our perfectly balanced Pheno 51.


The Working Stiff (Evening)



Your average everyday stoner. This person isn’t getting high obscenely early, nor are they waiting very long after their workday to get going. This is someone who chugs along through their workday, suffering through the pain, praying for 5:00 pm to come so they can finally get their herb fix. And when it finally comes, it hits like a truck.


The Working Stiff is definitely better at compartmentalizing their life than the other entries on this list. They’re better at dealing with stress, and are generally okay with waiting to smoke until they’re done with whatever tasks they had for the day. These sessions are best accompanied by indica-dominant hybrids, like our Pink Lemonade.


The Insomniac (Before Bed)



On the far end of the spectrum from the Wake and Baker, we have the Insomniac. Unlike the other entries on this list, this stoner prefers to wait until they go to sleep to get their smoke on. As the name implies, they typically use cannabis to help them get better quality sleep that might be gated off due to mental or physical pain. Situations like these call for straight-up indica strains like Pine Tar.


The Insomniac has no need for getting high throughout their day, meaning you could say their the most well-adjusted of the stoners. The opposite can be said about their sleep regimen, however. Cannabis helps these individuals get fully rested and restored. But what do they dream about? It’s been said that people that get high before bed don’t get as much REM sleep, and their dreams are less vivid as a result. If you’re in this camp, leave a comment to enlighten the rest of us.


The Ponderer (1:00 am? 3:00 am???)



Hey, shouldn’t you be asleep? If you know someone who routinely gets high in the wee hours of the night, it’s possible they’re just hitting up their favourite after-hours. If that’s not the case, this individual likely falls under the Ponderer subcategory. If you’ve ever smelled burning weed in your neighbourhood at 3:00 am, you’ve got one of these guys in your vicinity.


I know we said earlier that the Wake and Baker is the one going through something, but that statement applies even more to the Ponderer. While everyone else is resting their head, this stoner is dealing with the demons inside their head. If you know someone like this, consider checking up on them. However, sessions like these can sometimes be beneficial. Sometimes you need perfect solitude to get to the root of your problems. If this is you, try a strong sativa like Turbo Lemon Cake.


Wanna Learn More?


So which of these personality types most applied to you? Did you fit into all of them? Whatever time of day you prefer to get your fix, make sure to stop by the Chronic Haze online store for your re-up! We’ve got tons of amazing cannabis and related products, with same-day delivery and curbside pickup options to get your products to you as safely as possible.


If you’re looking to buy cannabis online, make an account with us and check out our selection today! Don’t forget to leave a product review to earn extra points!


Also, did you know your smoking spot also says a lot about you? Check out this blog post to see where you fit on the list!

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