Today we’ll cover something that’ll save your ass in the future. What do you do if you spill your weed?


Imagine this: it’s Friday night. You just finished grinding up some Strawberry Cough, and you’re about to roll a big one. Excitedly, you twist off the storage chamber of your grinder and prepare to empty it, when suddenly, disaster strikes.


Maybe your elbow bumped into the table. Perhaps you were distracted by something. In any case, you goofed up big time. You just spilled your weed all over the floor.


Out of all the things that can happen to a weed user, this is arguably one of the most infuriating. Spilling your weed has always been a day-ruiner, especially in the pre-legalization days when weed was hard to come by. God forbid it was your kief that spilled.


But now you’ve got to take action. So stop hyperventilating and just follow these steps.


Step 1: Assess the Damage



First, you’ve got to let go. Go through the five stages of grief if you need to, and simply accept the mess you’ve gotten yourself into.


Once you’ve come to terms with the situation, figure out what’s possible. How much weed did you spill? What kind of surface did it spill on? Depending on your answer, you might be able to make the situation a little less bad.


Step 2: Salvage What You Can



Here’s where you ask yourself questions of a more particular nature. Is it enough weed to bother worrying about? Is there any part of the spillage that’s not totally touching the ground? Are you in a place where you can trust the surface it landed upon?


If you’re able, and you deem it appropriate, proceed to reclaim some of your lost haul. You’re likely going to engage in some very careful pinching, being sure not to grab any weed that’s now contaminated. Mind those shaky hands; they’re exactly why you’re here in the first place.


Make sure you’re careful, though. There are pathogens out there, bro.


Step 3: Utilize Your Environment



Here’s where you can get creative. Think about what you can use to re-acquire as much of your stuff as possible. If you’ve got any small utensils that are good at scooping, they’ll be pretty effective at getting back some of your weed.


Are you at home, or a friend’s house? Use a vacuum! By placing a thin cloth-like surface over the vacuum, like a shirt, you can easily pick up what you dropped and transport it back to your rolling station.


Or, if you don’t have those on hand, those same cloth-like surfaces are quite effective at transporting your weed too. Weed tends to cling to these types of surfaces, so if all else fails, try this method out.


Step 4: Take Preventative Measures



Look, I get it. I prefer rolling my own joints to buying pre-rolled ones. I like to decide exactly what I’m smoking and exactly how much. But if your clumsiness routinely threatens your weed-using habits, it might be time for an intervention. Don’t be your own worst enemy, bro. Try some pre-rolls.


Another lifeline to consider is something to store your weed in. It’s usually not best to grind your weed long before using it, but you never know when you’ll have another case of the butterfingers. Jars and containers are your friends, and you can mitigate some of the moisture loss with some Boveda humidity packs. Try ‘em out!


Also, it goes beyond saying that if you spilled your weed in a public place, your stuff is as good as gone, bro. Don’t be stupid and try to pick it up. Take the L and move on with your life.


And that’s basically what you should do if you spill your weed. Truth be told, this goes beyond weed. Dealing with a bad situation, especially one that you caused, relies on your ability to stop and ask yourself the right questions. Really what you’ve learned here are conflict-resolution skills. Feel free to apply this in your daily life!


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