Your smoking spot says a lot about who you are.


I mean, I can’t say that with absolute certainty. I don’t know you THAT well, whoever’s reading this.

What I can tell you is that I’ve smoked for many years, in many places, with many types of people. Each place you go to brings a different vibe. It can tell you a lot about the person who brought you there, or about you for choosing it.

Today we’ll go over the most common sesh spots, and what they say about you.


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Anyhow, let’s get into what your smoking spot says about you.




A classic, and my personal favourite. If you prefer to smoke while you’re in nature, you’re probably someone who’s looking to get away from it all. You need space from people sometimes, but that’s okay. Spending time surrounded by the trees and the blue sky brings you a sense of freedom. It’s these moments of solitude that allow you to bring your best self when you’re with people.


Incidentally, spending time in nature is also incredibly beneficial for your mental health. Studies say it can improve your mood, attention, stress levels, and even increase your capacity for empathy. You’d be wise to make the most of the opportunity with a sativa-dominant strain, like our new Purple Haze. Its potent mental effects will leave you feeling blissful and stress-free.




Another classic spot-type. If you prefer to smoke somewhere in the city, you’re a weed veteran. You were probably smoking pre-legalization. These streets belong to you, and you don’t care who sees you high. For you, getting high was always about meeting up with friends, smoking somewhere discreet, and having an adventure. The graffiti-marked alleys are a familiar sight to you, and they almost feel comforting.


Of course, in the age of legalization you don’t have to worry about finding a safe place to smoke. But to roll? Different story. Instead of posting up somewhere or hiding in a bathroom stall, consider picking up some pre-rolls. They’ll save you a lot of time and effort as you head out on your urban escapade.


House Party


Hey, who invited the new kid? If you prefer to get high at parties, you probably don’t smoke very often. But that’s okay too! You like a lot of structure in your life, cleanly separating your work and play. You’re probably the most reliable one in your friend group, keeping everyone from getting too crazy. We all need that guy around. Just don’t get yourself too high tonight.


Our recommendation? Try a low-dose edible, like these Shatter Chews by Euphoria Extractions. Each piece is only 5mg, so you can climb incrementally up the highness-ladder. And this would be your best course of action at a party. Remember, THC and alcohol synergize in the bloodstream. Don’t do too much of either, lest you want your party experience to come to an end.




Do you prefer to get high in communal spaces? Like weed lounges, or comedy clubs where you can smoke inside? For you, getting high is about what you’re doing, where you’re going, and who you’re with. You’re the life of the party, and always keep yourself busy. Maybe you don’t smoke that often, but who cares? You’re getting high tonight. Everyone here is. You’d look out of place if you didn’t.


If you fit into this category, you’ve got your fun cut out for you. One of the best parts of living near a weed-epicentre like Toronto is that there’s no shortage of cannabis-related events. Did you know there’s an educational event for legal-age budtenders to learn about infused cocktails? If you or someone you know is a budtender, you ought to look into this event!




Our final spot is probably your most likely sesh spot: your house. If your preference is to just stay at home and get baked, you’re a person of simple tastes. You don’t need to go anywhere specific. You just need your weed, a couch, and maybe a TV or something. Your friends probably come over a lot to smoke too, and I’m sure they appreciate your hospitality.


When it comes down to it, staying home might even be the best option in terms of safety. You can get as high as you want without worrying about the consequences. Wanna smoke a cannon? Go ahead. Hit a bowl? By all means. Go ham with some Terp Sauce? You’re the boss.



So which category do you fall into? Or are you a hybrid-type with multiple spots? Of course, the most fulfilling way to experience your high is with good product. We recognize this at Chronic Haze, and we always stay stocked on top-shelf cannabis goods for whatever your smoking preference is. Have you signed up for our loyalty program yet? Sign up today and get 250 points for free!




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