Travelling anytime soon? Wondering which countries have legalized cannabis?


Going to another country can be a life-changing experience. You meet new people and see new things, and your worldview grows.


That said, the rules aren’t the same everywhere. There are some things you’re fortunate enough to do in Canada that you can’t do in other places.


Like, what if you can’t smoke weed there?


Chronic Haze is here to help! Today, we’re bringing you a list of all the countries that have legalized recreational cannabis, other than Canada. The parameters may differ by country, but all the countries on this list have embraced cannabis in some shape or form. So grab a pen and paper and take some notes. You’re gonna wanna put these on your travel list.





While Mexico decriminalized possessing small amounts of cannabis in 2009, they increased cannabis-associated freedoms in 2021. Now, recreational use is decriminalized, with adults being able to possess up to 28g. The sale of cannabis still hasn’t been authorized, though.


Mexico’s a great place to visit, with or without cannabis. The beaches, the architecture, the ancient ruins. There’s also plenty of cool Mesoamerican art, and animals you won’t see anywhere in Canada. Mexican nightlife is also a lot of fun; try authentic Mexican tacos at a taco stand if you go.





Here’s something you might not have known: Uruguay was the very first country to legalize cannabis! The Uruguayan government legalized cannabis in 2013 to help reduce drug-related crimes and health problems.


Uruguay is known for being one of the most democratic and least corrupt countries in the world. Politically and culturally, it’s a pretty forward-thinking country, so it’s no surprise they would have legalized cannabis.


As for what to do if you go to Uruguay, there’s plenty to see. The capital city of Montevideo has incredible architecture, there are pristine beaches to lounge around at, and there’s tons of delicious South American BBQ to eat. This one should be at the top of your list.


South Africa



A little-known fact: South Africa is one of the largest cannabis-producing countries in the world. In fact, a lot of the cannabis that is seized worldwide is said to have South African origins.


South Africa decriminalized the possession and consumption of cannabis, but only in the privacy of one’s home. Using cannabis in public is still illegal, as well as buying and selling it.


If you do choose to go to South Africa, you’ll have a great time. There’s beautiful art and an incredibly diverse array of South African music. South African food is also a must-try.





In 2021, Malta legalized the use, possession, and growth of cannabis for adults. While still not authorized for sale, cannabis is quite easy to find in Malta.


Malta is an incredibly unique country, and it sure would make an interesting visit. Being located in the Mediterranean, there’s plenty of fresh seafood and aquatic activities. The traditional aspects are also really interesting. Maltese folk music, the architecture of the temples, and the art all make Malta somewhere to be.





After a long political struggle marked by many protests, the Georgian government legalized cannabis in 2018.


The sale and large-scale growth of cannabis are still illegal, though. It’s basically just possession and consumption that were legalized. But this means that you can indeed get high in Georgia legally.


So what should you do if you go to Georgia? The country is home to breathtaking landscapes that are abundant in biodiversity. The cities also have an interesting mix of architecture, with some castles still present. Also, Georgia is one of the biggest wine-producing countries in the world, so definitely check that out if you’re into it.





That’s right, you can legally get high in Thailand. In 2022, the government fully legalized cannabis (or ganja, as they say there). Everything from possession to sales to cultivation is legal in Thailand.


Interesting to note: when the Thai government legalized cannabis, they promised to distribute one million free cannabis plants to households across the country. Many say it was a step toward making cannabis a large source of income for the country.


Thailand needs no introduction: Bangkok is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. The fact that you can easily and legally consume cannabis there now is a game-changer. If you weren’t already planning on visiting Thailand, now you’ve got a reason.


Honourable Mentions


There are some other countries that are worth mentioning. For example, the Netherlands allows consumption and sale in licensed coffeeshops. Jamaica is another obvious one. While not fully legalized, it is decriminalized and a huge part of Rastafari.


The United States is also a standout mention, as a number of states have legalized cannabis. On the other hand, cannabis is illegal in India, but usage is still prevalent.


Other than that, most countries have a negative perception of cannabis. If you’ve been dying to travel but needed somewhere you could get your fix, consider one of the countries on this list!


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