Planning on doing some edibles today? Make sure to factor in how long they last!


One of the best parts about cannabis is that you don’t have to smoke or vape it. What used to just be your college friend’s homemade brownies has now become a huge part of the cannabis industry.


Edibles have taken the world by storm. Here at Chronic Haze, we carry a slew of edibles in a wide variety of flavours. Whatever taste you’re looking for, we’ve got it.


There’s a lot to keep in mind when using edibles, though. Your metabolism, dosage, and tolerance are all factors to consider. And the duration of their effects. Definitely a factor to consider.


But why do edibles last so long? Today we’ll answer that, as well as give you a refresher on the effects of edibles. If you’re new to cannabis and considering starting with edibles, read on.


Let’s Review



So how do edibles work again? Similarly to smoking and vaping, cannabis edibles contain THC, the cannabinoid responsible for the feeling of being high.


The high that comes from edibles typically takes longer to kick in than other methods, and can feel significantly more intense. And as previously stated, so does the length of the effects.


Edibles come with the added benefit of there being no inhalation involved in the consumption process. None of the toxins found in smoke are found in edibles. For this reason, many new and inexperienced users state that they would rather start with edibles. While this is certainly feasible, it might not be the most ideal way to get started (as we’ll explain below).


Why Am I Still High??



First, let’s go over what to expect from the duration of an edible. You can expect anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes for an edible to kick in. Of course, there are exceptions; some candy-based edibles, like Buudabombs, can hit as quickly as 15 minutes in. Other edibles might take around three hours until their effects are noticeable. Liquids tend to kick in quicker than solid foods.


Your body size, metabolism, and how much you’ve eaten all tend to play a role here. But the main factor is that you’re ingesting the THC. Inhalation works a lot faster at transporting THC to your bloodstream. Ingesting it, on the other hand, means the product has to go through your digestive system which is a much slower process. Your stomach, liver, and intestines need time to break down the food contents of your edible.


Secondly, the effects will be felt for quite some time. This is usually around six to eight hours, but experts always suggest you prepare for 12 hours.


But why is this the case? The fact that your body needs more time to process edible cannabis certainly plays a role here, but there’s something else happening too. When you smoke cannabis, the cannabinoid you’re feeling is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (in other words, your standard THC).


Once it’s in your digestive system, however, its molecular structure changes into a form called 11-hydroxy-THC. In this form, THC crosses the brain-blood barrier far more easily. This leads to more profound effects experienced by users.


Another contributing factor is the presence of fat in edibles. These tend to be much more potent, due to the fact that fats increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids. In other words, they increase your body’s absorption rate of cannabinoids.


So What Should I Take Away From This?



What’s important to remember is that, overall, edibles tend to be an intense experience. While new users may be keener on edibles due to the lack of smoking involved, their potency is something that must be considered.


Many new users can be overzealous and devour an entire 1200mg Shatter Bar because it tastes good. What follows can be an incredibly frightening experience that scares the victim off of cannabis for good. It’s an unfortunate phenomenon that essentially prevents people from experiencing the true benefits of cannabis.


It’s certainly possible to play it safe with edibles, however. Experts typically recommend a “start low – go slow” approach. This method is easy to undertake with the right edibles; one strong contender is the Shatter Chews by Euphoria Extractions, which only contain 5mg per piece. By utilizing this approach, you play it by ear and prevent yourself from taking too much.


Of course, more experienced users have less to worry about in this department. But given the ease of use when it comes to edibles, overdoing it with them is all too common. Try to remember this info when your friend who’s new to weed asks you about doing edibles.


Wanna Learn More?


If you’re interested in experimenting with some edibles, make sure to stop by Chronic Haze. We’ve got tons of cannabis, edibles, and other goods that’ll get you to your happy place before you know it. We also offer same-day delivery and curbside pickup in a number of Ontario cities.


If you’re looking to buy cannabis or cannabis edibles online, visit our store, sign up for a free loyalty account, and check out our wares today!


And since we’re on the topic of weed and food; ever wondered why exactly it is that weed gives you the munchies? Fortunately for you, we’ve got a blog post on that! Check it out here!




How long do edible effects last?

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