Have you ever noticed the concentrate in your vape cartridge turning brown? Perhaps it was accompanied by a not-so-good aftertaste? You were probably worried that something bad had happened to your product.


However, this is actually a very common scenario. There are a few reasons why this might have happened, and different courses of action you might take as a result. Today, Chronic Haze sheds some light on this little conundrum. If you see the oil in your vape cartridge turning brown, the information in this blog post might just be pertinent to you.


The Reasons Why



While some concentrates are darker than others, sometimes you’ll have a light-coloured concentrate that darkens over time. This can be worrisome to some users, but it’s easily explained.


The most likely cause behind the colour change in your cartridge is oxidization. Over time, air can get into your device, causing the oil inside to change from a translucent yellow to an opaque brown. Typically, the older a cartridge is, the greater the likelihood that there will be brown discolouration inside.


There are other causes for your vape cartridge turning brown, namely heat. High temperatures are often responsible, with sunlight being a common offender. If your vape pen has been sitting in direct sunlight for a while, you can bet that it will develop brown streaks inside. Moisture resulting from vapour can also form as well, and this can contribute to the browning of the concentrate.


Sometimes, it’s a combination of both air and heat. These factors can affect the coil in your device, especially when you’re coming to the end of your cartridge. These brown streaks usually start from wick circles and emanate outward, and are accompanied by an unpleasant burnt taste. While your product should still work in this situation, some of the terpenes may be affected. In this case, the concentrate will lose some of its potency. 


However, there are other factors that cause this phenomenon, and should deter you from using the product further. Contaminants, such as mold, bacteria, and chemical additives, can be responsible for your shatter’s changing colour. This, however, isn’t likely, and any type of contamination should be easy to confirm through a visual inspection of the product.


What You Should Do



If you suspect any sort of contamination in your cartridge, don’t use it any longer. Vaping anything other than intended products can result in health issues, so don’t take the risk.


However, if the browning is a result of oxidization, heat, or moisture, it’s likely still safe to use. As stated earlier, it’ll probably be less potent and it won’t taste very good, but you can be sure your product won’t be hazardous to your high and will still get you high.


If you’re looking to avoid this situation in the future, keep your cartridge in as good condition as possible. Don’t leave your cartridge in direct sunlight or a hot car, or anywhere with extremely high or low temperatures. Store your product in a dark, cool to room temperature environment, away from any possible contaminants. Damp environments are also a no-go, as these elements can get into your cart.


Finally, if you’re really trying to avoid older, oxidized carts, you can buy newly stocked cartridges as a precautionary measure. Again, these oxidized carts will still work, but you can ensure your product is in perfect condition by going with a newly added product.


Wanna Learn More?


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Also, since we’re on the topic of carts, did you know that hitting blinkers is a bad idea? Check out this blog post to learn more!

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