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Live resin offers something special for cannabis lovers who want a strong, unique experience. High terpene full-spectrum extracts or HTFSE are potent cannabis concentrates that create a powerful high from a small amount of product. Like any concentrate, HTFSE Canada contains marijuana’s active ingredients in a highly condensed format. So you can enjoy all the benefits of your favourite herb without messing with excess plant material. These days, it’s easy to buy HTSFE online in Canada as well. Learn everything you need to make the most of HTFSE, including how to buy HTSFE and where to buy live resin online in Canada.

What Is HTFSE?

HTFSE stands for high terpene full spectrum extracts. This name might sound complicated, but it’s an evident streamlined description of what to expect with this product. Terpenes are natural compounds found in most plants. Terpenes are what give plants their noticeable tastes and smells. If you’ve ever tasted a lemon or smelled a pine tree, you’ve already experienced terpenes in their natural environment.

If you prefer vaping methods, check out our HTFSE cartridges!

Just like other plants, marijuana also contains terpenes. These compounds are responsible for the different aromas and flavours you’ll find across cannabis strains. Maybe you’ve tried skunky, fruit, herbal, or diesel cannabis before. All of these attributes are caused by terpenes.

HTFSE Canada is a unique concentrate because it preserves the terpene profile. So when you buy HTFSE, you can experience the full range of flavours, tastes, and smells as you’d find in the original cannabis plant.

Many cannabis extracts are named after their texture, and HTFSE is no different. This concentrate is also known as live resin, terp sauce, and diamonds. HTFSE tends to have a runny, liquid consistency that’s studded through with small chunks of more solid material. Many people think it looks like a rich golden syrup with gems stirred throughout. This appearance is why HTFSE is often called sauce, terp sauce, or diamonds.

HTFSE is a versatile concentrate, and you can enjoy it in many methods. Try smoking it in a dab rig if you have one and feel comfortable with this method. You can add terp sauce to buds and smoke it in joints, bowls, and pipes. Some vape pens are also able to vapourize live resin. Check your vape’s settings to see if this is an option for you.

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