Since legalization, the cannabis industry has grown significantly to the point where post-secondary institutions are offering programs and courses that are designed to attract and help students find jobs and careers in this booming industry. The employment opportunities are abundant upon completion of the programs which can award you with graduate certificates or diplomas. Jobs can include becoming a retail specialist for cannabis stores, a marketing expert to guide customers on where to buy cannabis in Ontario, or even a master grower for a Canada cannabis dispensary. If you’re feeling entrepreneurial, these programs can equip you with the education and tools to start your own online weed business or even a local Toronto weed store. We’ve put together a list of 10 college or university level courses on cannabis that can get you started on a potential career path that can land you the job of your dreams. Looking to find some edibles to help you with your studies? Chronic Haze offers Same day weed delivery in the following cities: Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville and Milton. Looking for another alternative to delivery? Try our new curbside pickup option. Not within our service boundaries? We also provide the option for you to order weed online Canada wide.


  • Niagara College Canada – Niagara-on-the-Lake campus

If you’ve got a green thumb and you love pot, this is the program for you. The Commercial Cannabis Program will take your natural affinity for plants and turn you into an expert when it comes to growing the plant from beginning to end. The program focuses on the biological and cultural practices of cannabis production so that once you’re done with the one-year program, you’ll have a certificate that will open up career opportunities that are not limited to master grower, micro cultivator, propagation, and operations. Not to mention, you’ll get to learn on the beautiful campus of Niagara on the Lake.

Program: Commercial Cannabis Production, 1 year graduate certificate

  • Ryerson University – Toronto, ON

Go Rams Go! Offered at one of the most well-known universities in Toronto, the Cannabis Essentials program includes three courses that will provide you with all the chops to start your own path as a cannabis entrepreneur or join an existing company that is expanding, if you’re not quite ready for that. Completing two of the following three courses will earn you a Professional Development Award: Business of Cannabis, Cannabis Law for Business, and Trends in Cannabis Science.

Program: Cannabis Essentials

  • Durham College – Oshawa, ON

With the cannabis industry continuing to rapidly evolve, it can be challenging keeping up with all the changes. Durham College has designed a program in partnership with industry leaders to give graduates a deeper dive into this growing sector. The Cannabis Industry Specialization program will have your friends referring to you as the “marijuana know-it-all” and you may as well be a walking talking Canada weed site. On one hand, you’ll gain insights on how legislative requirements inform business practices and impact supply chain management and on the other hand, you’ll study the cannabis plant itself accompanied by a historical perspective of social concerns. If you consider yourself well-versed in business, this program may be your next move.

Program: Cannabis Industry Specialization (Recognition of Achievement)

  • Loyalist College – Belleville, ON

If you’ve always been passionate about the quality of things you consume, you have some great career opportunities waiting for you. The program, Cannabis Applied Science, will help you develop the skills needed to see through cannabis production from process optimization to addressing natural product quality, consistency and safety. A few employment opportunities include cannabis quality assurance manager, lead processing technician, and formulation chemist. One day you may be able to say you helped produce the best weed in Canada!

Program: Cannabis Applied Science, One year Graduate Certificate

  • Centennial College – North York, ON

If you want a program that, does it all and will teach you multiple aspects of cannabis production from start to end, you should seriously consider looking into this learning opportunity. Centennial’s Cannabis Cultivation and Processing program is a well-rounded program that will leave you with in-depth skills that are in high demand so when it comes time to finding a job, you’ll have your pick of the crop.

“Students will garner a theoretical and practical understanding of cannabis law and regulations, the key characteristics of cannabis anatomy and functionality, processing cannabis from seed to sale, creating product formulations, operating specialized cultivation materials and equipment as well as the critical role of quality control/assurance throughout the program.”

Program: Cannabis Cultivation and Processing, Certificate Program

  • Seneca College – North York, ON

If you’re a quality over quantity kind of person, the cannabis community is seeking individuals who put a lot of attention and care into all that they do. The one year graduate certificate program at Seneca College will help you develop the knowledge and expertise to grade and maintain the best Canadian weed. At the end of the program, you’ll be well-versed with the Cannabis Act and Regulations and will be able to interpret the understand the regulatory standards.

Career Opportunities: Quality Assurance Associate, Regulatory Affairs Associate, Scientific Writer and Reviewer

Program: Cannabis Regulation and Quality Assurance, One year Graduate Certificate Program

British Columbia

  • Okanagan College – Kelowna, BC

Lakes and mountains as a backdrop when you’re in school – what more can you ask for as a student? If you need nature in your life and you’re looking for an exciting and emerging industry to hike into, the front steps at Okanagan College are waiting for you. Diving into medicinal and recreational marijuana, you’ll learn all about the regulatory policies and business opportunities that the cannabis industry has to offer. If you love Dragon’s Den and have a thirst for risk, you won’t be bored learning about investment strategies and ways to pique the interest of individual investors.

Program: Cannabis Training

  • College of the Rockies – Cranbrook, BC

Do you get excited when you get to share your passion for what you love? When meeting new people, do you instantly become best buds forever? Then the job ‘cannabis retail specialist’ has your name written all over it. The 26-week program will prepare retail workers to effectively serve and educate their customers so that they can buy cannabis products that will best meet their needs. Plant anatomy and physiology, the chemical components, and potential medicinal applications of cannabis are covered among many other topics that will make you a respected professional in your field.

Program: Cannabis Retail Specialist Program


  • McGill University – Montreal, QC

Parlez-vous francais? If not, that’s okay too! McGill University in Montreal, Quebec offers an amazing opportunity that will finish with a diploma in Commercial Cannabis in your hands. Throughout the program, you’ll submerge yourself into the ethical, medical and legal issues related to the commercial cannabis industry. You’ll get to experience hands-on production, breeding, and disease management of cannabis and even an opportunity of an internship where you get to work on solving a specific problem that the industry is facing. If you’re not sold on that alone, don’t forget about poutine. If you haven’t tried it high yet, poutine is a dream munchie snack. Fries? Goooood. Cheese? Gooooood. Gravy? Goooooooooood.

Program: Commercial Cannabis, Diploma


  • Olds College – Calgary, AB

If science, biology, and chemistry were some of your favourite topics in school, this Calgary college might be right up your alley. Part of the Horticulture department included are a variety of programs and courses that will help graduates thrive and flourish in the cannabis production industry. Once you’re done with the program, you might be able to refer to yourself as the Walter White of weed after learning about physicochemical principles governing the extraction and purification processes.

Programs: Advanced Cannabis Courses, Cannabis Production Program, Introduction to Cannabis Retail, Extraction and Purification for the Cannabis/Hemp Industry, and more.

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