Looking to open your mind with something creative or thought-provoking? Fortunately for you, Chronic Haze is here with 5 music videos to watch high!


As we’ve discussed in the past, getting high can have a profound effect on the way you experience music, and the same is true of music videos. Take all the feelings of novelty you’d normally get when listening to music high, and add visual elements to the mix. You might find that some videos you liked while sober aren’t hitting the same when you’re high. And conversely, there are definitely some videos that hit especially well when high.


Today, we’re bringing you five examples of the latter. These music videos are all interesting and unique in their own way, and showcase great songs to boot. But if there’s one thing that’s even truer about these videos, it’s that watching them while high is a whole new experience.


Tame Impala – ‘Cause I’m A Man



Probably the most well-known artist in psychedelic music right now, Tame Impala has a slew of videos ripe for watching while high. And while any of these videos would be best viewed alongside a spliff, this single from his Currents LP is always a fun watch. The video’s perspective continues to move and shift with the track’s slow, wavy nature, and its visuals employ parallel imagery rendered in uncanny CGI for an interesting and unnerving look at gender.


Mother Mother – The Sticks



This Canadian indie rock band has always utilized a little strangeness in their music and videos, but this one was probably their most creative. Utilizing the creepy psychedelic illustrations of fellow indie artist Chad Vangaalen alongside its unsettling, dredging, downbeat music, the video takes a strange look at how denizens of a post-apocalyptic world would react to the relics of our era. The way the video lingers on certain shots will definitely have your brain firing neurons in all directions.


OK Go – This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine)



Ok, this one will bring the mood back up. This alternative rock band is known for their creative and eye-catching videos, such as their viral video for Here It Goes Again where they perform a dance routine on moving treadmills. This next one offers even greater feats of physics and imagination, featuring a Rube Goldberg machine that goes from start to finish. Complete with vibrant colours, surprising transitions, and satisfying moments, this video and its music will leave you feeling optimistic and inspired.


Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again



We’re back to the weird ones. This Australian psychedelic rock band has tons of strange videos under their belt, but this one definitely takes the cake. It’s a little longer than the other tracks on this list, but it’s easily the trippiest. Featuring psychedelic guitar riffs and visual repetition with characters and a set that look like something out of a children’s show, this video will take you on a wacky and wild trip. And it’ll probably make you chuckle once or twice.


Animal Collective – Brother Sport



As our final entry on this list, this is one music video you definitely need to see. This track comes from the band’s legendary 2009 album. With a dynamic video showcasing colourful imagery, strange animations, and shots of animals and nature alongside a track that evokes a sense of primal joy and fun, this video might just awaken something ancient deep in your lizard brain. As such, we recommend not watching this video sober. In fact, watch it on shrooms if the opportunity arises.


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Also, if you’re looking for some more music recommendations, check out this blog post for five albums you should listen to while high!

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