Welcome back to Chronic Haze, your online dispensary destination for premium weed delivery across Canada. You might be on here because you’re placing your weekly THC delivery but while you’re at it, why not add a vape pen to your cart? Whether you’re a vape pen pro or (by reading this) you’re only learning now how to vape weed, read on below for everything you need to know about vape pens, their history and their anatomy.

What is a vape pen?

Vape pens come in all shapes and sizes (we’ll get into that a little later on) but essentially, their main function is to allow a cannabis user to inhale cannabis and oils as a vapour in a device traditionally in the shape of a pen. They’re often discreet and super convenient so if maybe your joint rolling could use some work or you don’t want to bother with the bulk of a bong, vape pens are a sleek alternative.

The history of the vape pen

The origins of the vape pen can more or less be narrowed down to three individuals, spanning a history of nine decades.

In 1927, the first patent for an electric vaporizer for medical compounds was filed by Joseph Robinson. In 1963, Herbert Gilbert filed and developed the patent for the first “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” and in 2003, after consuming on average three packs of cigarettes a day, Chinese pharmacist and medical researches Hon Lik invented the e-cigarette after losing his father to lung cancer. Lik’s e-cigarette consisted of a battery, ultrasonic atomizer and a nicotine cartridge compiled into a plastic cartridge allowing the user to consume a vaporized form of nicotine liquid solution with air activating the atomizer.

How do vape pens work?

In order to activate cannabinoids like CBD and THC as well as terpenes, cannabis flower or concentrates need to be heated to 315-465°F, vape pens achieve this instantly. It’s also at this temperature and through a device like a vape pen, is where the cannabinoids evaporate into airborne droplets that we call vapour. Often with smoking, many of the minor cannabinoids and terpenes can burn off but with vaping, the precise temperature control means these elements will remain intact.

The anatomy of a vape pen

The five main components of a vape pen consist of a mouthpiece, a cartridge (for single use) or tank (if refillable), an atomizer, power button and a battery.

The mouthpiece is where the consumer inhales through. They’re also often referred to as “drip trips” and come in different shapes and sizes, are typically made from glass, silicone or plastic and can be removed for easy cleaning.

The tank/cartridge is where the cannabis oil or flower is held and are often made from plastic, glass or stainless steel.

The atomizer is the heating element that evaporates and converts the cannabis or the oil into tiny droplets for inhalation.

With some vape devices, the power button needs to be pressed in order to inhale the vapour as it triggers a sensor which activates the atomizer into action. Some vapes work with a five-click method which needs to be pressed five times in succession to turn it on, and again to turn it off. This is meant to ensure the atomizer doesn’t accidentally get activated and product doesn’t get wasted.

Finally, in order to provide enough of a current to power the atomizer which reaches high temperatures in a matter of seconds, vape pens often use rechargeable lithium batteries – similar to the batteries used in cellphones and electric cars.

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